Jul 11, 2011

8 months!

32 weeks along today - just 2 months left to go and then we'll be a family of five :) I'm feeling great and getting excited for this new little one. His nursery is mostly done, clothes are washed and put away in his dresser and hanging in his closet and as of last night our van is set up for a family of five :)

We spent a couple hours cleaning it out. We vacuumed and wiped all the seats down and I even took the car seat covers off the kids car seats and ran them through the wash - they really needed it! The kids seats are now in the back row of the van and we took one of the front seats out and then Lincoln will be in the other seat. It looks so great and roomier and will make it easy for me to get the kids in their seats with one of the seats taken out. I love my minivan! :)

Here's my belly bump photo :)

I feel smallest this time out of all my pregnancies and have gained the least amount of weight. Of course there's still a big bump...seeing as I am 32 weeks pregnant - ha - but I feel smaller than last time. I think he'll be about Gracelyn's size in weight - maybe an ounce or two bigger - 7lbs10oz or something - we'll see :) Here's my belly bump at 32 weeks with Gracelyn. Definitely carrying different!

We are doing well here. Ethan wasn't feeling well yesterday...had a decent fever going and was not doing so well. He was just laying on the couch and crying on and off and the motrin wasn't helping his fever much at all. He refused ice cream, popsicles, anything! Not the norm for our boy. We prayed over him as well as a few friends and family I asked to pray and I gave him some tylenol around 4 and by 5 he was completely better! I really believe God answered our prayers. He went from crying and looking miserable and burning up to wanting popsicles and wanting to go for a car ride and singing and laughing! Ha! I checked on him in the night and no fever and he woke up totally back to normal today - I'm so thankful :)

Saturday night my brother and sister came over and watched the kids for us so we could have a date night. It was WONDERFUL. Not something we get often. We went to dinner at our very favorite restaurant in Canton and then headed to downtown Plymouth where they had Art in the Park. It was fun to walk the streets and look at all the art and crafts and such and just relax. We then headed to a chocolate shop downtown that carries my most favorite chocolates in the world! Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Chips :) There are only two places I know of that carry them and the other one is in Ohio when we go to the Amish so I was beyond excited to get some of my favorite chocolates :) We then headed to another restaurant to eat some chips and salsa and talk some more - it was such a perfect night :) Thanks Uncle Craig and Aunt Kristy for babysitting - we love you guys!

Our 4th of July weekend was super fun. We did the parade (Ethan LOVES parades!) and did all the fun festivities that our church puts on for the community for the 4th. Lots of family time and bbqing' - it was really nice :)

We sat with my two good friends Brooke and Layne and their families for the parade so I snapped some pics - they turned out so cute :)

Here are my beauties!

Here is my girl and Brooke's little girl Ainsley. BFF's - born just 8 hours apart!

Here are Adam & Brooke's three beauties (Annabelle Kate, Micah Alan & Ainsley Claire) followed by a cute family pic of them :)

And here's my friend's Layne youngest....sweet Zoe Eden! I love her!

It was a great time watching the parade and hanging with our besties :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay blessed!

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Claire said...

Keri, you look wonderful! I was going to say even before you wrote it, that you look all belly! You look like you haven't even gained anywhere else! Beautiful! And I love that dress!!! I can't even believe that little Lincoln will be here so soon! You must be SO excited :) ;) Praying for you these final weeks!