Jan 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Happy New Year Friends and Family!

Can I just say how excited I am for 2011? Jeremy and I have been talking about how we both feel it's gonna be a really good year. I'm excited to see all of what God has in store for our family. I know it's gonna be GOOD!

Some of my favorite moments of 2010:

♥ Gracelyn's 1st Birthday. What a joy to see her growing so healthy and strong.
♥ Ethan talking more and more. I'm so thankful.
♥ Moving into our friends rental home. It was a true answer to prayer for us.
♥ Celebrating 7 years of marriage with my hubby. I love you baby!
♥ Ethan turning 2. His party was so fun and filled with lots of family.
♥ Our weekend getaway to Kalahari. America's largest indoor water park. So fun!
♥ Our amazing 1 week beach vacation with my family to Virginia Beach. It rocked.
♥ My friend Bekah getting pregnant. After 3 years of longing to be a mommy, she's gonna be one in March! I'm so happy for her.
♥ My cousin Tara expecting her first baby. So excited for her and Jesse.
♥ Nicole telling me they are pregnant with baby # 2. A day I thought would never happen. I picked up the phone, called her, ran outside and screamed as loud as I could.
♥ 2 successful garage sales at our house.
♥ Play dates at Safari with friends.
♥ Buying an awesome camera.
♥ Pool days with the Maddock's.
♥ My mom calling Elmo "Red Grover". Probably my hardest laugh of the year.
♥ My Birthday celebration with 8 of my girlfriends. It was an awesome night.
♥ The cards, messages, packages, texts and prayers from my family and friends after my miscarriage. Love you guys.
♥ Developing an even stronger bond with my BZ girls.
♥ Reconnecting with Lisa. An old friend who I loved dearly and made so many amazing memories with. It has warmed my heart to see us back in touch and to know how you're doing.
♥ My positive pregnancy test on December 23rd. We're having a baby!!! So happy!
♥ My mom's reaction to my news. Love you mom, thanks for always being so excited for me.
♥ Jude's reaction to my news. It was fun to tell you and thanks for the long hug!
♥ Multiple people telling me it was strong on their heart I was pregnant. Such a cool way of God telling me that all will be well with this little one.
♥ Tommee Profitt's new CD. His music blesses my life. You really should get a copy if you don't already have one!
♥ Nursing Gracelyn until 16 months. That's something to be proud of!
♥ Both kids sleeping through the night. Usually :)
♥ Seeing healing taking place in my sister. I love you Kris.
♥ My brother putting an offer on his first place!
♥ My dad thinking Barney was a hippo.
♥ Thanksgiving with the Petke's. Love my family!!
♥ Buying our van!!! I was beyond excited and love having a van!
♥ July 4th parade with the kids on our street! So fun. Especially watching my dad grab as many tootsie rolls as he could. Ha.
♥ GMG. The company my husband works for. God is blessing it and it's exciting. My hubby works so hard.
♥ Lots of Thai food. And I hope even more to come in twenty-eleven!
♥ Girls nights with my friends. Dinner, movies, starbucks. Lots of laughter and great conversation.
♥ My friendship with Layne. Pretty sure we will be friends for life. Love you friend and am so glad our paths finally crossed ;)
♥ Brooke. For being you. An amazing friend.
♥ Taco nights with Angela and Tommee. Wish you two lived closer!!
♥ Scrappin' days with Bonnie.
♥ Seeing Joanna over Thanksgiving. Great seeing you Jo!
♥ Developing new friendships. Rachel K comes to mind. I'm enjoying getting to know you!
♥ 2 fun jewelry parties at my house.
♥ Date nights. Thanks mom for babysitting.
♥ Being a part of an amazing church that isn't phony.
♥ Kate getting a clean MRI! Cancer free! Yay God!!!
♥ Sagebrush, Target and Starbucks with Jer the night after we lost the baby. Thanks Ray and Jude for coming over to babysit for us. I really needed that.
♥ Watching Brady.
♥ Having great neighbors.

And most of all, being loved by an amazing God. He's so good. So faithful. I'm thankful for 2010. Despite the hard times it brought - it was still filled with so many good memories and blessings. My heart is full of hope and joy leading into 2011 and I can't wait to see all the good things God has planned for our family.

Momma Keri ♥

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