Dec 29, 2010

Photos and more

Is it just me or did Christmas come and go so quickly this year? I feel like the past 2 months have just flown by.

We plan to celebrate with Jeremy's parents tomorrow night so our festivities aren't totally over just yet :)

Surprisingly I took all our Christmas decorations and tree down the day after Christmas. I love all the decor so I usually keep everything up longer but I was feeling motivated to take the tree down and put everything away so I went with it :) It's always so much more fun putting the tree up then it is taking it down. Ha!

I took the kids to the health department this morning to get them a couple shots. I always dread going. One because it's no fun to watch your babies get poked and also because sometimes you have to wait awhile and the kids get restless. I had to wait for an hour and a half before we got called back. I guess the nurse said they had cutbacks and instead of 3 nurses working there is now only 1! So, that would explain the forever long wait. Both kids got 2 pokes...both cried but quickly recovered when mom promised them a sucker in the car :)

The kids pediatrician will be happy to see we got more shots. We delay the kids shots and don't give them 10 at once like they would like to do so they are always behind on shots. We just feel a lot more comfortable giving them just a couple at a time. I finally went ahead and got Ethan the MMR vaccine. I have been back and forth on that one for so long. I've done some research but mainly I've prayed about it a lot and just felt peace about getting it today. I prayed over him and that it would only help his body and not harm it. The nurse told me in 7-10 days his body may break out in a rash but that is to be expected. I guess it is the body's way of reacting to the vaccine. I'm glad she told me that so I don't freak out if/when it happens. Anyhow, I was happy when we got back in the van and were on our way home.

Nothing much new to report. We are all well, healthy and blessed! The kids have been enjoying their new toys and it's been fun to watch their eyes light up.

Here are some fun photos from Christmas morning at my parents. Enjoy ♥
Beautiful Tree

Kids looking in their gigantic stocking

Gracelyn holding 2 little baby dolls my parents got her (so cute!)

A fun clock I got that matches our table and wine rack

Opening Presents

Grandma and Gracelyn (I love this photo!)

Daddy & G (Aren't they sweet?)

Ethan emailing on his new "Mac" ♥

Sisters ♥

My little bro and I ♥

And I saved the best for last. My mom's reaction to opening my positive pregnancy test. The pictures are so funny...she looks a bit upset in the first one...but it was pure excitement! Her reaction was, "I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!! I had a strong feeling yesterday you might make a pregnancy announcement on Christmas. YESSSSS! YESSSS!" And then a little clapping and dancing - HA! She's always my most fun person to tell - she always gives me good reactions! Thanks mom ♥ Don't be mad I posted these funny pictures - lol.

And here's a pic of my cousin Angela and I on Christmas Eve ♥

Love love love all the family time that comes with the Holiday's! What a blessing it is to be with family ♥

As far as our new little one goes, I'm just 4 weeks and 2 days along and feeling great...aside from the sleepiness :) I'm so thrilled to be pregnant again and am gonna enjoy every second of this wonderful blessing!

Hope you all are well and enjoying the life that God has blessed you with!

Momma Keri ♥

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