Jan 27, 2011

Baby's First Photo ♥

I got to see our little peanut today!!!

Let me go back a few days.

I had my first dr's appt. on Monday. I just met with the nurse and we went over all my paperwork, family history, etc. She was such a sweet nurse, I loved her. And I was sure to tell her that too! I went yesterday morning to get my blood work done...8 tubes of blood...oh what fun :)

I talked with her briefly about my miscarriage. She mentioned the doctor may do an early ultrasound due to my history but that she wasn't sure. After a little while of talking about other things she then tells me she was going to order me an ultrasound...just for me, just to put my mind at ease :) It truly was God caring about the details of my life. My favorite verse. (Psalm 37:23) While I have had total peace during this pregnancy that all is well, He knows how much it would mean to me to have an early ultrasound.

Our last baby stopped growing at 7 weeks, 5 days. I'm 8 weeks, 3 days today. I went in with a hopeful heart and my heart was overjoyed to see that little heart beating away at 168 beats per minute and I even got to hear that beautiful sound too :) Thank you Jesus!

I go back on the 1st to meet the doctor and hear the heartbeat again. I think I will like her...the nurse had wonderful things to say and I just really have a peace about being back at Genesys Hospital....where I delivered our first little miracle, Ethan Craig ♥ Although I will say if I could use Jeanne (my midwife I used with Gracelyn) I would use her in a heartbeat. She is amazing and I will forsure miss her.

The tech said baby was great, everything looked great and that I'm measuring right on schedule! Yay! A Labor day baby it is :)

Everyone thinks it's a boy. Jeremy is already calling the baby by our boy name that we have chosen if it should be a boy. Sooo funny. I'm not that confident ;) He's been right on each time though so it wouldn't surprise me if he's right again. I will say that I'll be surprised if this baby is a girl...because I too feel boy...but I will be so happy to have either gender so it really doesn't matter to me. My dad feels strong it's a boy also...as well as other friends. My mom originally said girl but she has now switched to boy seeing as everyone else feels so strong it's a boy :) I love you mom, you always switch on me :) LOL.

Here is our precious miracle ♥

We are celebrating tonight by enjoying Filet Mignon's for dinner (my hubby is a professional chef when it comes to making filet's), baked potatoes and really yummy bread I picked up from Lucky's Steakhouse. Yum!

In other news, the rest of the Harrison crew is doing well. Kids are healthy and happy - so thankful!

I had a wonderful getaway weekend scrapbooking with my girlfriend. It was really nice, I'm really glad I went. I called on Friday night to talk to Ethan...which was so cute....as he kept saying my name and telling me he was eating popcorn. But, it was hard for me and made me miss him oh so much. So, I didn't call again. I just waited until I got home and could snuggle him in my arms ♥ Daddy said the kids were really great while I was gone and no injuries :)

I was able to scrap 20 pages....which was a lot for me! I got caught up on my pregnancy album (although as of today I have a new page to scrap :)), did a few pages in my Christmas album and got caught up to almost 2 and a half in Ethan's album. Yay! I'm only 5 months behind on his album, not too shabby! Gracelyn on the other hand....I've got some work to do! I'm only at 5 months on hers. My goal is to be caught up on theirs by time this new little one comes. Anyhow, it was a wonderful weekend, thank you baby for being such an awesome daddy and husband and letting me enjoy some "me" time. Love you forever!!

Much Love,
Momma Keri ♥


Lisa G said...

Oh Ker, seeing your precious babe makes me all teary. I'm so happy for you, and glad you have such a peace.

I think it's a girl, just for the record :D And her middle name should be Lisa. Ha! Kidding.

Glad you had such a wonderful time on the weekend. I am yearning to go on an art retreat. When Jacky weans, for sure.

Love ya.

Hannah said...

YAY!! I'm so excited for you! And I'm hoping boy too. :)

Claire said...

Your baby is beautiful! And such a great heartbeat! You know at that heart rate, I'm gonna guess it's a girl :) That, and I just love going against the grain ;) I'm so happy that your little one is so healthy. Your attitude is an inspiration to me!