Dec 15, 2010

Cute Kids!

I have such cute kids. I just snapped this photo of Gracelyn the other day and it is stunning. She is so beautiful. What a perfect little face she has. I just love her.
And here are a couple of her the other day looking oh so cute all dressed up and extra girly :) I adore the one of her and her daddy ♥ It's so precious.

She is getting older and cuter as the days go on. Her and Ethan are little buddies and play and fight everyday - you know, the usual stuff siblings do :) It's so fun having them close in age and watching them grow up together. When Gracelyn was first born she seemed so much smaller than Ethan but now that's she a year and a half - they seem to be doing everything together and it's getting so fun. She's such a hoot.

And Ethan...I'll tell ya what...this little stinker is a funny one. He is so sneaky at such a young age and I just have to laugh because I was sneaky at a really young age too. He thinks he's really sly but doesn't realize I totally have him figured out. The last two mornings he was up and watching a show...Gracelyn was still sleeping so I hopped in the shower real quick. The minute he hears the shower he knows mom is a bit occupied for a few minutes which means it's time to run to the freezer and do this.

Ha! Such a stinker. This is one of the reasons we rarely buy ice cream. It's a constant fight of telling him no which is then followed by a tantrum when he doesn't get ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner. He woke up close to midnight last night I went up there and peeked my head in and he told me he wanted ice cream. Ha - silly boy. I told him no and to go back to sleep and he laid back down and slept the rest of the night.

I wouldn't make such a big deal out of his little ice cream sneaks if he ate better but most days we have to beg and bargain with him to eat for us. Most days he barely eats lunch and sometimes won't eat dinner but wants to snack and eat ice cream. Uhh, I don't think so little man! I've never been huge on sweets with the kids but I am really trying to keep only healthy snacks in the house. We are trying to be more strict with him and not allowing him to snack in between meals because then he has no appetite for lunch and dinner. If the unhealthy snacks aren't available then it makes it much easier for us too. We give him choices so that he can pick which snack he wants...whether it's raisins, nuts, cheese, peppers or healthy popcorn (no butter), etc. but if he sees cookies or raisins I'm pretty sure he's gonna go with the cookies. So anyways, if you are a Grandparent and reading this - please take notes :)

This Saturday is our Christmas celebration with all of the Harrison family which is always so much fun. I am so glad they decided to do it the weekend before Christmas from now on - this means we should be able to make it every year. I can't believe Christmas is only 10 days a way - I still have a few gifts to buy.

Well, hope you all are staying warm and cozy on these cold and snowy Michigan days.

Momma Keri ♥

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Hannah said...

I LOVE the photo with the ice cream! Oh, Ethan is just so cute. I would think it would make discipline hard with that adorable smile! :) And Gracelyn is as beautiful as ever - thanks for sharing your photos!