Dec 9, 2010

18 months already?

Yup. It's true. Our sweet Gracelyn Joy is already a year and a half old. Sigh. I can't believe it. The days of nursing and sleepless nights are gone and I look at her and see a little girl - I see nothing babyish about her. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ok, I am done with my tantrum.

Although it makes me a little sad to see her grow so fast, I feel so blessed and thankful to God that my kids are healthy, growing and thriving. I know of many kids who are not and that are fighting for their lives - it breaks my heart and keeps me steadfast in prayer.

I just can't believe how fast the kids are growing. People that have grown kids will say to new moms all the enjoy every moment because they go by fast...but when they you are a new mom and nursing every 3 hours and barely sleeping it seems hard to imagine time going by quickly. Ha! But now I totally get it! I can remember my pregnancy with Ethan like it was yesterday and he will be 3 in February - oh my! And little Gracelyn...wasn't she just born like last week? I feel like time is going by faster with each year that passes.

Here's a few pictures of sweet G.

Brand New ♥
One week old ♥
6 Months ♥
One Year ♥
18 months ♥ Can you believe how much hair she's gotten in the past 6 months? Wow!

And here's a sweet video I found of her when she was brand spankin' new! It's super short and she doesn't make a sound - but she' perfect! Oh how I love brand new babies ♥

She has brought so much joy to my life these past 18 months. Having a little girl (or in my case perhaps a bit of a tomboy) is so sweet and fun. I love her spunk. I love her confidence. I love her personality. She's tough and can hold her own in a wrestling match with her brother. It cracks me up - seeing as she's just this little petite thing :)

The kids are doing great. Ethan is talking more and more - which warms my heart so much! He is so smart and very observant and his memory amazes us. He loves the movie "Polar Express" and there's one part in it I don't like and I always skip through it. About 20 seconds before that scene comes he will run over to me with the remote and say "uhh oh uhh oh" because he remembers I always skip through it. Love that boy! He has been getting more snuggly lately too which of course I take advantage of as much as I can ♥ Gracelyn is learning new words, still loves to eat and plays and wrestles with her big brother everyday. I love having kids close in age - it's just special to see them together and do precious things. Ethan will call Gracelyn from the other room to come play with him, he will go over to her, grab her hand and take her somewhere. She will give up a toy sometimes and give it to him if he really wants it. I love how Gracelyn will do something goofy and Ethan just starts cracking up laughing. Oh how I love my babes ♥

Hmm what else is new with us. Jeremy and I got to do dinner, Christmas Shopping and Starbucks the other night together thanks to my mom for babysitting. Thanks mom, we had such a nice time out! We got lots of our shopping done which was great. I can't believe Christmas is only a couple weeks away - so fun! I just love this time of year. I sent my Christmas cards out yesterday (all 115 of them, phew!) and love seeing Christmas cards come in the mail ♥

Papa Ray and Grandma Jude brought over Chinese last night which was so yummy (thank you) and we just hung out and watched the kids play - it's always so nice to visit. Thank you Grandma Jude for buying the kids new boots for the winter to match their coats - they are so great and the kids feet will stay toasty and warm :)

Well, I need to get the kids breakfast and get them ready for a grocery trip to Meijer. I love Meijer. Especially because they give kids a free cookie at the bakery every time you go...which helps during my grocery shop...and then by time they finish it I promise them they get to ride Sandy the pony after we check out. Which is only a penny. Awesome!

Hope you all are enjoying the Holiday season so far!

Momma Keri ♥

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Tori said...

I just love how she has had those big beautiful eyes every second of her life. So gorgeous!

Oh, and boy do I wish my Meijer store gave out free cookies! :(