Dec 17, 2010

18 Month Check-Up

Gracelyn had her 18 month check up today.

She is in the 23% tile for weight and 90% tile for length. Tall and skinny. Our petite little sweetie pie. Doc says she looks great and is on track with everything she should be doing.

Not much else to report - just wanted to share her well visit info and thank God that she is growing healthy and strong! I love her to pieces.

Enjoy your weekend ♥

Momma Keri


Hannah said...

Awww, glad she's doing so well! Hope you have a fun Christmas celebration today!

Lisa G said...

Yay Gracelyn!! :) Glad to hear everything is on track with your sweet girl.

Auds is petite as well. Usually 10-15th for weight and 50% for height. These girls are little but sure are feisty!

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Thanks so much Hannah :)

Thanks Lis!! Me too! I'm so thankful my babies are healthy and thriving.

And yes...little but very fiesty! Ha.