Nov 2, 2010


My babies are still sick. It started 2 weeks ago with a cold, then coughing (they are both still coughing), then pink eye and now the flu! Gracelyn had really icky diapers all last week and threw up once and Ethan started having icky diapers the past few days (I think I had to change his clothes 3 times yesterday!) and threw up yesterday and then again this morning.

Praying this virus is gone soon - and would appreciate your prayers also!

Thanks friends!

Momma Keri ♥

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Claire said...

oh Keri, I'm so sorry! You must be exhausted... Peyton had icky diapers last week and I was at my end... but she wasn't even throwing up and I only have ONE! I'm praying for lots of extra strength for you today and protection that you and Jeremy don't get sick!!! Wish I could come help!!