Oct 24, 2010

The Latest

Let's see, what's going on with the Harrison's these days??

Well, the biggest news to report is that our sweet boy Ethan graduated officially to his "Big Boy Bed". His crib is a 3-in-1 and so we converted it after he woke up Saturday morning to the toddler bed. I remember reading somewhere once that it's a good idea to have their first time sleeping in the bed at nap time and not the first time at night. That made sense to me. He picked out new bedding (thanks Grandma Jude) which he loves. It is so cute to see him growing up and in a little bed now but I'm not gonna lie, I started to tear up a little. I can remember him as a newborn like it was yesterday and in less than 4 months he'll be 3! Ahh!

Here's a picture we took of him in his new bed, although he is facing the wrong direction - haha. Can you say big boy?

He's adjusted extremely well which I am so thankful for. I was praying it would be a smooth transition and we wouldn't have tears or crying wanted to come downstairs. It was so cute too because in 8th grade I got this stuffed animal, a bear, that I used to sleep with. It has seen better days but I let Ethan sleep with him and he loved him. When I went to get him in the morning he only wanted to carry down "bear", not his blanket, which was a shocker! He always wants his blanket...so, it melted my heart ♥

Ethan really is growing up. I look at him and feel so blessed that he is full of life, joy, laughter, health and is just so cute and silly. We love his personality and I couldn't imagine having a son I loved any more. He's just the sweetest thing and I'm so thankful he's mine.

He's talking more and more too, which is so great. He still struggles pronouncing certain letters and words and he still talks in his own language a lot but he's definitely improving, saying more and more each day and is starting to put sentences together. We continue to read with him and work on his sounds everyday. He can count to 10 now (it's so cute) and he is very good with his colors. I swear I went over them with him one day and he picked up on them so quickly. His love for music is so evident. It always has been. He's loved it since he was really little and I love that it is such a big part of who he is. His favorite thing to do is watch You Tube videos whether it's "Happy Day" over and over or listening to college football fight songs. He just loves music. He is flourishing and I thank Jesus so much.

Gracelyn is growing so much too. She is constantly copying everything Ethan does and she is so confident in herself, independent and fearless. While it makes for some stressful moments on mom and dad some days we love that she has such a fiesty personality and doesn't seem to get her feelings hurt easily. I'm kinda that way, was as a kid also so I like that she has tough skin :) She amazes us daily. She talks a lot, repeats words really well and she just grew up really fast on us. Both Jeremy and I have talked about how we feel she went from baby to toddler so quickly. She walked early, she's talking early, she could climb early - so yeah, she just has grown up so fast. I feel like I blinked and she suddenly went from a baby to a kid. Ya know? Makes me a little sad, but of course thankful for healthy children who are growing. So, so thankful for that.

Here are a few pictures of my adorable children. I just adore these photos. I look at them and want to cry. I'm so blessed.

Ethan not happy mom is taking a picture of him this early in the morning...But mom thinking his bedhead was too funny not to photograph.

The kids have been sick since Friday. They've had colds and coughs. Their eyes were getting icky and then Ethan's one eye started to get a little red. Brady, the little boy that I watch, has had all the same symptoms so sadly the kids got it. I was holding off on taking the kids to the doc because she took Brady to the doc three times for it and they just kept saying cough and cold and it's a virus and to just let it run it's course.

Anyhow, I decided to take them in today and not only do they have a virus but they also have pink eye! Blah. That's a new one for the Harrison kids. I knew something wasn't right when I see all the green ick in their eyes building up and then the redness. It is extremely contagious so they can't be around anyone for a couple days. We got some eye drops that are antibotics and the doc said within 48 hours their eyes should be cleared up.

They really have been acting like themselves for the most part. Pretty happy. But, Ethan did have a fever Sunday night, but it was gone by morning. Poor G has really icky diapers and threw up in the night last night. So glad she woke up crying and that I went up to get her. Poor baby. But, nothing since. So, now just the cold, cough, pink eye and then icky diapers for G. Brady has been sick with this for weeks so it sounds like this may drag out for a bit.

Well, one thing I know forsure, I am so thankful it's nothing serious and that my babies are healthy minus your common winter sicknesses. I know I know, it's not winter yet...but, you know what I mean.

Nothing else much new. Just taking care of my sweet babies and enjoying the life that God has blessed me with. Hope you all are having a great week!

Stay Blessed!
Momma Keri ♥


Hannah said...

I look at those photos and want to cry too, your kids are so cute! What a blessing they both are. And you are definitely a blessing as well, all your sweet words of encouragement and the gifts you've given me. You are an amazing friend, and I'm so glad God brought us into each other's lives. HUGS!

Tori said...

Those pics of E & G are just too adorable. I love the one where he's petting her hair/giving her a noogie, and then the one after it with Gracelyn's "cheese" face. I love those smiles! You can tell how much she adores Ethan too.