Sep 7, 2010


Change. Life has changed quite a bit for me in the past couple weeks. Going from being pregnant with our third to losing the baby to taking on a part time job - wow! Life can change so quickly. Change is good and while I don't always like it I'm feeling really good about this new little part time job I'm taking on.

Tomorrow I start watching Brady. I am really excited. I feel like the timing of this is just another way God has shown His love to me. I prayed about watching this little boy months back but then we got pregnant and I just felt it would be too much. She had someone else lined up and they fell through last minute and the day she asked me if I knew of anyone to watch him was the day we found out our baby was with Jesus. I immediately knew I wanted to watch him and that it would be a good thing for me. I just felt a peace about it and really excited about it right away.

I gave the exersaucer a good cleaning, washed the bouncy seat cover and have that ready to go and set up the pack n' play and bought new sheets and washed them - I am ready! It brings back memories of "Keri's Kidz" (my in home daycare I had a few years back for those who don't know) and it feels good. I've always had such a heart and passion for kids and we all know how much I love babies ♥ It will be fun to have a little one around again and also to make a little extra money.

I am already treating myself tomorrow night too with my earnings - Ha! One of my best girlfriends does hair and I've decided it's time for a change and I'm stepping out and getting brave and changing it up a bit. Gonna go with some new colors and cut my hair a bit too. So, it will be fun to hang with my girlfriend and talk for hours like we always do and get a bit pampered too ♥

What is new with the kids? Well, guess what Ethan did today?? He said, "Potty" and then went into the bathroom, got his little potty chair out and wanted to sit on it. I then told him if he went pee pee or poo poo he would get an m&m. He pushed as hard as he could (lol) and out came a few trickles of pee :) He was very proud of himself (as was his mommy) and we celebrated with not just one m&m but 2! He chose red and blue - he's really been into colors lately :) So, while we're not quite close to being potty trained yet it's at least a start and it excited me nonetheless :) He is getting so old and I am just soaking in these days with him. School started for a lot of my friends little ones today...kindergarten...and I was so glad that this wasn't me quite yet. I get him all to myself for a couple more years :)

And Gracelyn...what is new with Gracelyn. What a sweet and fiesty little one we have on our hands. She makes me laugh and is so sweet and yet is so stubborn, is developing a little tude' and gets into everything she shouldn't. Oh how I love her ♥ I love that she is confident in who she is and doesn't care what anyone thinks :) She has been getting me up in the night for hours the past 3 weeks or so. It's like having a newborn again. Ha. She is getting in FOUR you can imagine why she's been having a bit of a hard time. Teething tablets and Tylenol have been our best friend lately! I can't wait until they all come in and she is sleeping better for us at night.

Well, that's about all for now BUT I must share my husband gave me a good laugh earlier. We were taking a drive in the van, he was driving, when he suddenly starting freaking out because apparently a gigantic dragonfly was attacking him. Umm, baby, it was a leaf :) We laughed for awhile and he said to me, "You were freaking out too!" and I was like, "Umm, yeah because I thought you were getting attacked by something other than a leaf" I laughed so hard - it was just one of those things that you had to be there to really see how funny it was :)

Well, time to clean up the 48 crayons that are scattered across the living room floor and get the kids ready for bed. They have both been going to bed at 9pm and that's amazing for us so we've been trying to stick with it! More time for daddy and mommy - it's been quite nice :)

Will update on Thursday and let you know how my first day on the job was....and if I love my hair or hate it :) Wish me luck!

Mommma Keri ♥


Claire said...

Can't wait to see how your hair turns out! I know it will be beautiful :) Praying for you, friend, in this change of life and season.

Hannah said...

So glad the kids are doing well and that you have a new part-time job! HUGS!