Sep 9, 2010

Love it!!

The results are in, I LOVE my new hair! I am so glad I decided to step out and try something fun and different because I think it suits me well. It's dark, but has some blond and reddish colors in it too to give me the perfect new look for fall ♥

My girlfriend did a fantastic job and it's always nice when you're getting your hair done and you don't hear gossip in the salon! I just go to her house and we love chatting gossip free and having some girl time. Moms need their girl time, it keeps us sane :) She was super excited to do my hair and I was excited to see it :)

Jeremy loves it. He said, "I think it looks awesome!" Thanks babe! I love the length too. I told her what I wanted and to put some layers in too and she really did a great job. Jeremy said it might just be his favorite cut I've ever had. I wish I would have tried something like this sooner - I just love my hair! Thanks Layne ♥

Here's a picture of the new look ♥

My first day watching Brady was great. I felt I managed the 3 kids pretty well and it's nice that they all nap ♥ Brady is a pretty happy baby and doesn't fuss much. The couple times he did fuss he just wanted to be held and snuggled or was tired. Can't wait for him to come back on Tuesday!

Ethan was so good with him, as I knew he would be. He was always so sweet and caring when Gracelyn was little too. When she dropped off Brady he was sleeping in his car seat and so I moved him into the play room and closed the doors. Ethan would go in there every 10 minutes and check on him and then come out and say to me, "Shhhh." So cute. He came up to me once and told me Brady had a "boo-boo". I laughed so hard. Not a boo-boo E, that's Brady's birth mark :) Once he woke up Ethan went to find him a toy and tried putting it in his hand. It was so sweet to watch him with a little "brother" around the house and did make me feel a bit sad thinking of the little one we lost. Of course we don't know if it was a boy, but I'll always wonder.

Gracelyn was very interested in Brady. She left him alone for the most part (although I didn't give her alone access with him - haha) and it hit me when I saw her looking at him and saying, "Baby" that she is growing up on me way too fast!! She is 15 months today actually. She looked so big compared to him even though I don't think they weigh much different. Ha. I think watching Brady will be so great for me and I'm thankful for the opportunity. Isn't he adorable?

We leave a week from tomorrow for vacation! Eeeek! I can't wait to start packing next week and getting ready for our fun trip :)

Just wanted to also say "Happy 4th Anniversary" to one of my good friends who now lives in Florida. (Insert sad feelings here) Your wedding was such a special day and I loved being such a big part of it! I hope you and Joel do something special today to celebrate. You know what I'm thinking ;) Can't believe how long we've known each other - love you my forever friend! ♥ I have always loved this one ♥

Stay Blessed,
Momma Keri ♥

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