Aug 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby!

I'm so thankful for today. 34 years ago today my hubby was born. A cute little bundle of love he was and still is. I'm so thankful he was born and that 5 years and 1 day later I was born ♥ I wouldn't want to spend my life with anyone else - he's my very favorite person. We don't have too much planned for the day but we are going to Red Robin tonight to celebrate - we both get a free dinner in honor of our birthday so free food is always good food ♥

On another note, I'm 9 weeks, 3 days! The baby is size of a green olive. Mmm, I love green olives...although looking at this big bowl makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach. Perhaps it's because it's first thing in the morning and I haven't had my bowl of cereal yet. "Your little embryo has now officially graduated to fetus-hood. Adding to the excitement, a Doppler ultrasound device might be able to pick up the beating heart. With basic physical structures in place and increasingly distinct facial features, baby is kind of starting to look like... well... a baby!" I'm feeling great and getting anxious for my first baby appt. a week from today!

Jeremy and I had a great anniversary. My mom came over to watch the kids so we could go to dinner. We got mexican (one of our favorite foods) and went to On the Border. It's one of our favorite places but we don't go there often. It was so nice to go there and relax and take our time eating and talking without the kids. I must admit though, I always miss them...even when we are only gone a couple hours. We both enjoyed our dinner, talking and then exchanged cards. He always melts my heart with his words and I thank the Lord so much for bringing me such an amazing husband. I adore him. I asked the waiter if he would take a picture for us and what a good job he did! It's my new favorite picture of us ♥ I showed it to Jeremy last night and said, "It's no wonder our kids are so cute" ;) I know, I know, not very humble but we are just so cute together :)
I snapped some of the sweetest pictures of the kids yesterday. Man I just love these little people!! They are just the cutest and sweetest in their own ways and I love it. I love having a little boy and girl. It is so fun to have one of each. Alright, are you ready to prepare your eyes for the cutest picture ever taken?? No really, it is the sweetest thing ever. Ok, here it little angels walking and holding hands ♥ My newest favorite thing that Ethan does. They are so sweet together.Here's another oneAren't they the sweetest?

Here's a couple others I took yesterday that I'm in love with. Ethan has the cutest smile and I love the way Gracelyn always looks at him.And this next picture shows off their adorable faces that I want to kiss all day long.
I pray Ethan grows up to be just like his dad. Any girl will be blessed to call him hers. He's just the sweetest. Glad I have many years before I have to worry about girls though :)

Hope your day is blessed!
Momma Keri ♥

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