Nov 20, 2009

What's new with us...

Have I mentioned that our baby girl is scooting now? She pushes her one foot off the ground to move forward and she gets around quite easily now. She's been doing this for a couple weeks. It's hard to believe she's already at that age. Ethan never scooted or crawled so it's fun to see her go through these stages. She can almost get up on all fours, she keeps trying! I'm pretty sure she will be crawling in the near future:)

Ethan had her laughing so hard the other day and he wasn't even trying to make her laugh or doing anything funny. I got some of it on video but it was kinda dark so it's not the best video. She just loves to watch him and he loves playing with her. I just love how much they already love each other, and I think the fact that they are so close in age is definitely so fun! They will be best friends, I can already tell.

We've had a couple play dates this week and Ethan loves to play with other kids. He's still not adjusted to being left in the nursery at church but we keep trying every week. He loves being with the kids but he doesn't like when mom and dad try and sneak away into service. So, we will continue to go and eventually he will feel comfortable and understand that we are coming back for him.

The four of us went to take dinner to some friends of ours last night who just had their 3rd baby and Ethan loved playing with the girls and all their toys. They had a vacuum and dustbuster that actually makes noise so he was in heaven! We have one that he plays with a lot but it doesn't make the sounds this one did, it was pretty neat. Our friends have a cat (achooo!) and so mom left all stuffed up, itching and just not breathing the same. We all got into new clothes when we got home and I stayed outside for a bit to breathe in the fresh air. We definitely could never have a cat!

Speaking of animals, Ethan sure loves dogs! He laughs so hard when he plays with a dog, chases it's tail, etc. It's his hardest laugh. It's so funny because I begged my parents for a dog growing up. I remember thinking if they let me get one they would never have to buy me another Christmas gift (haha, so funny as a kid how badly you can want something). Now that I have my own kids I have NO desire for a dog. I'm a clean person and the thought of dog hair (or any animal hair for that matter) on my carpet and my kids rolling around and playing on the carpet really is not appealing to me. Plus they smell and are expensive and a lot of work. Ethan will have to enjoy other people's dogs because I'm pretty confident we won't be getting one any time soon:)

Well, Jeremy and I have decided we won't be going to Bair Lake this year for Thanksgiving. We are super bummed out as it's always a lot of fun and really the only time we have with the Petke side of the family. We went back and forth a million times about it but we just know that Ethan doesn't sleep well away from home and if he doesn't sleep for us then we won't enjoy ourselves anyways so we are taking a year off. Next year should be easier as he will probably be in a big kid bed by then and so he can sleep with daddy when we go away. We will go over to Jeremy's parents instead for the day and then just enjoy the rest of the days off together as a family and just relaxing. Perhaps a bit of Christmas shopping also.

So, I am really excited about my latest steal of a deal! I bought Gracelyn her toddler car seat yesterday. I found out about a deal on a Britax car seat (one of the very best, we wanted this one for Ethan but it was just too much $). Anyhow, it's a Britax Boulevard and it runs $309.99 and I got it for $189.99!! Free shipping too! I am so excited and I love the fabric it's so girly and fun! Here's what it looks like:

Oh the fun things you can buy for a little girl :)

We are getting our pictures done on Sunday and I am really excited. The photographer that did Gracelyn's newborn pictures is coming to do Christmas pictures for us. I am going to have her make me 100 5x7 Christmas Card pictures to sent out with my newsletter this year, they will be adorable:) I even splurged (which I never do on clothes) and bought them both an adorable Christmas outfit. I can't wait to see how stinkin' cute they look in them, it will be Ethan's fanciest outfit to date :) Be ready to see some adorable pictures and don't worry Grandma's, you will be able to buy the pictures individually if you would like! I hope to get some good ones of each of the kids separately as well as some of them together and some family shots. Should be fun.

Have a blessed weekend!
Momma Keri

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Anonymous said...

I know you are disappointed in not being able to go to Bair Lake this year, but Ethan will have a dog to play with this Thanksgiving.