Nov 29, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with food and family. We spent Thanksgiving day at my In-laws and had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal (thanks again for cooking Jude!). Ethan of course loved playing with Kyle (Jeremy's brother's dog) and when I turned my head for a quick second I found Kyle licking Gracelyn's face....LOVELY! Not a fan of dog's licking my children's faces. Gross. Anyhow, it was nice to be together.

I had mentioned to Jer later that night that we could drive down to Bair Lake for just the day on Friday if we were up for it but we never really talked more about it and watched a movie and went to bed. I awoke Friday morning to Jer saying, "I thought we could go to Bair Lake today if you want". I was definitely up for it so we packed the kids up and made the 2 1/2 hour drive. I'm so glad we did! We didn't tell anyone we were coming so it was such a fun surprise and it was so nice to see all of my family. The Petke's are the most fun family and being with all of them is always one of my favorite times. We left around 9:30, got home at midnight and we were all ready for bed!

We have so much to be thankful for yet again this year. I feel so blessed with all the wonderful things God has given us and I couldn't be more thankful. I have a husband who I am in love with, 2 beautiful kids, great friends, great family, a place to live, clothes to wear, a car to drive, hot showers every morning and the list goes on and on. Thank you Jesus for your love and for blessing our lives with so much!

I will leave you with a small sneak peek from our Christmas photo shoot. This is the only picture I have seen so far and of course I am in love with it! Christina does a fantastic job, she is my favorite photographer! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Love to all,
Momma Keri

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