Nov 5, 2009

iHeart Revolution

Wow. What an incredible and powerful movie. Jeremy and I went last night and it was awesome. Hillsong United has been working on putting together a movie for the past 3 to 4 years and it aired last night. They did a live performance from Australia for the first 30 minutes which was way cool! Then the actual iHeart movie started at 8 and went until 10:00. It was a one night thing and 500 movie theaters in the US were showing it as well as Canada and then of course Australia. It was super neat. The movie was just powerful. It was full of clips from the past 4 years of their travels from all over the world and all the hurt and needs in the world....and in the end it was the story of love and redemption and how Jesus is love and how he gave his life and died for us so we could live and how he gives hope to the hopeless! I could go on and on but I highly recommend for you to watch it once it comes out on DVD so you can see for yourself.

I have a new favorite song which is on the newest United CD and I have been playing it over and over today. It is SO powerful. You don't have to go to Africa to change the world. We can be His hands and His feet right where we are. On our streets ya know?

Check out for more info on the movie if you're interested and here's the best song EVER! Turn your speakers up!

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