Nov 9, 2009

5 months ago today...

Our sweet baby girl was born! Wow, I really cannot believe it's already been that long. She's almost a half a year old! What a wonderful addition she has been to our family...I'm not quite sure yet if she makes our family complete but she will definitely be the baby of the family for awhile. She's so sweet and I just couldn't be more blessed to have a healthy little boy and girl. I just love them!! Here is a picture of Gracelyn that I took this morning and then Ethan's 5 month picture. They really don't look that much alike if you ask me....but I've said that all along:)

And Here is our little man at 5 months

I think Ethan looks more like a Harrison and Gracelyn more like a Petke....although most people say they both look just like me, lol. Jeremy says he prefers it that way;) We think Ethan's hair color will be similar to Jer's color now, maybe a little lighter but he definitely seems to have some red in it. So Jude, you just may have your little red headed grandchild after all:) Time will tell. I didn't realize how much lighter Ethan's skin is then Gracelyn's until I put these pictures up. Ethan definitely has his daddy's light skin and Gracelyn has mine.

Now, here are a few pictures of Ethan's newest favorite thing to do.

He has decided that taking each toy out of his toy bin one by one and piling them on the couch is fun. We just let him do it and laugh. He also likes to pile as many toys in Gracelyn's exersaucer as possible when she's IN it. Lovely.

And finally, my last and most favorite picture to leave you with. We had just put both kids to bed and Jeremy went into our room and said, "Ker, come here for a sec." He then takes me into the bathroom and shows me this:

I died laughing. We have no idea what happened. Our assumption is that Ethan somehow threw something in the toilet when we weren't watching and one of us used the bathroom and flushed it without looking? It obviously was something of soap substance but we cannot figure out for the life of us what it was. It smelled apples or pears, lol. It will remain an unsolved mystery but as I mentioned we do have a suspect in mind but have decided to close the case and drop all charges.

Oh the adventures with little ones:)

Momma Keri


Anonymous said...

What wonderful blessings you all are! Love from Grandma Jude.

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Thanks Grandma Jude! ;)

Tori said...

Our little ones are getting big so quickly! I think Gracelyn looks more like you Keri, and that Ethan looks more like your husband :)