Nov 4, 2009

Look what Mommy did!

So Daddy has been bugging me for awhile now to cut Ethan's hair. I have been putting it off because I like his little curls in the back even though they are a bit wild and out of control. It took him forever to get hair and he still doesn't have a ton of it so I have been putting it off. Well, I gave him a bath last night and decided to trim it in the back just a little bit. I can't believe how different he looks to me just by a little trim, he looks like a little boy! I saved his hair in a ziploc and Jer was making fun of me, wondering how long I would hold on to it. I told him forever! :) I will take him to get a real haircut soon as it isn't super even but hey not bad for my first haircut :)

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Anonymous said...

Good job! I probably still have Jeremy's hair somewhere!