Jul 9, 2009

One Month Cutie and Corn on the Cob Cutie

Our precious baby girl is one month old today...well, according to the date anyways, she's really 4 weeks and 2 days :) She is doing great, getting chubby and goes for her one month check up tomorrow at the doctor's. She has been a blessing to us and we are growing to love her more and more as each day goes on. Here's a picture of our little peanut.

Ethan is still lots of fun and always doing something to entertain mom and dad and get us laughing. Mommy decided it was time to take away his bottle (he typically gets one before bedtime) and I knew we wouldn't have any trouble taking it away as he didn't grow attached to the bottle the way some kids do. So, last night he had some oatmeal before bed instead of a bottle and it was no big deal. He didn't seem to have a clue. Out of sight out of mind I guess! No more bottle for Ethan, he's growing up!

We gave Ethan some Corn on the Cob at Grandma and Grandpa Petke's the other day and I made some last night....as you can see from the photos below I'm pretty sure he loves it just like his mommy :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The pictures of EThan eating the corn are pricless!!!

Gracelyn sure looks like her brother Ethan:)

Says Grandma Petke