Jul 10, 2009

Gracelyn's Stats

So today was Gracelyn's 1 month check up. She is doing great! She is 22.25 inches long and weighs 9lbs, 8 oz. She's gained exactly 2 lbs since she was born. I checked Ethan's baby book and he was 9lbs, 3 oz at one month and so he gained exactly 2 lbs at his one month check up also...how funny. Anyhow, she is in the 50% tile for weight and 75-90% tile for height...she's tall just like her brother. At least at this age. I'm pretty sure she won't be a giant ;) I guess she has a little head though...doc said she is 10-25% for head circumference so we'll just keep an eye on it and make sure it grows. Those were his words, which for whatever reason strike me funny. Make sure it grows...I just picture this one year old with a newborn sized head, lol! She goes back in another month.

Ethan had one shot today. He did SO great, much better than any of the other times he's had shots. The last time he had shots was 6 months so I was nervous for today...but that is why we decided to just spread them out and do one at a time for the few he has left so it's not too painful for him. He of course cried while he was getting it but recovered very quickly...thanks to mommy's bag of goldfish :)

That's all for now....just wanted to post her stats and thank Jesus that both of our kids are healthy and adorable :)


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Keri. I love you sweetie! Grateful also for the wonderful children the Lord has blessed me with! You are all so special to me.

I absolutely love those pictures of Gracelyn. She is just a doll! How did you get such good pictures!!

So much fun to see her and Ethan grow up..special they are!

Love you much