Jul 8, 2009

Pray for Kate

I cannot get this little girl off my mind. She is almost 7 years old and her parents just found out on June 29th that she has a brain tumor. Cancer. A beautiful little 6 year old girl has cancer.

I am a mom. I know the love you have for your kids and I cannot imagine either of them going through what this little girl and her parents are going through. On June 29th life completely changed for them...they went from being a happy family of five...watching Kate play and be full of life to finding out she has a massive brain tumor and she can barely speak or eat. Wow.

Jesus, we need a miracle here! You are more than able to heal this little girl and I am believing for it. You parted the red sea, you turned water into wine, you turned a few loaves of bread into many, you healed the sick and you still heal the sick and we know that it is NOT your will for this little girl to die but to live. How do we know that? Because the Word tells us that's how. The DEVIL comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) but Jesus you come to give us LIFE and life more abundantly. The devil wants to steal Kate's life. He wants to destroy her and her family but Jesus you are bigger...you are so much bigger...and we believe right now that her tumor will be gone because it is not from you Jesus and you want this little girl to live abundantly...and she cannot do that with a massive tumor in her brain....you are a miracle maker Jesus...you are our miracle maker and I am believing for Kate's miracle.

I do not know this family personally...but I would sure hope that if this was Ethan or Gracelyn going through this that strangers and people around the world would be praying and believing with me and so I'm asking you to do the same. I have been keeping up with her caring bridge site, http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mcraekate and you can also if you would like.

Heal this sweet little girl Kate Jesus...I know you healed Seth last week and know you healed Kerith also...and I believe you are healing Kate. Thank you Jesus for being a GOOD God and not a God who puts cancer on people to "teach" them something like some tend to believe....that is such garbage it burns me up!! You love Kate more than her parents do...you love Ethan and Gracelyn more than I do...and I would never give one of them cancer or a sickness to teach them something...just like you don't give your children those things. Thank you Jesus for being our hope...our hope when life around us seems hopeless. I pray you give strength and comfort to the McRae family today God.

Praying for Kate,

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