Jul 21, 2009

6 weeks

Our sweet baby girl is 6 weeks old today. She is really starting to change...she's getting chubby and loves smiling and trying to talk back to us when we talk to her. It's pretty adorable.

We had a fun weekend. My aunt and uncle who live in Milan hosted our summer Petke reunion and it was so fun and so nice to see everyone again. They have acreage so there was plenty of room for Ethan to run although we weren't able to visit with many people due to us chasing him around and keeping him out of trouble and danger :) Gracelyn received a ton of gifts from different family members so it was really fun to open gifts for her and ewww and awww over all the cute and girly clothes she got.

Sunday afternoon Aunt Kristy babysit Ethan for the first time at our house while Jeremy, Gracelyn and I went on a little date :) Ethan did great and we had a really nice time getting out and having some time alone together...we don't get that very often these days. We went out to dinner in Northville and then headed to Ann Arbor to see the newest additions to the Big House....it was such a beautiful day and it was so peaceful so we sat in parking lot of the stadium for a bit while Gracelyn ate and just talked and Jeremy walked around to get a closer look at the new additions. Everything is fenced off but you were still able to see what it looked like somewhat. It looks really cool, I like it! It will be fun one day for daddy and Ethan to go to a game together...although it will be a few years before Ethan is really interested (if ever) and could sit through an entire game contently :). As I was sitting there nursing Gracelyn I heard a plane coming and then it got louder and louder and I thought a plane was going to crash...I then looked up and saw the Blue Angels flying over us!! It was really cool. I knew they were around this weekend as I heard friends talking about going to see them but didn't know they were in the Ann Arbor area. I have seen them before do their "show" in Traverse City years back but Jer had never seen them before so it was cool. We just saw them fly over the one time but it was pretty cool. This past week/weekend was the big Art Fair in Ann Arbor but it ended Saturday and we went on Sunday so we didn't get to see anything...maybe next year we will go.

My girlfriend Joanna in in town from Florida so she came over to visit with me yesterday so it was really nice to see her and catch up.

I had my 6 week follow up appt. this week with Jeanne. I am doing just fine and everything is healing as it should so that was good to hear. Thank you Jesus! My mom was supposed to watch the kids for me but she hurt her back (please be praying for her...she is doing better now but was in a lot of pain and was in the hospital for a few hours because of how bad it was) so she ended up having to cancel so I took both kids with me. That was a challenge and I will never do it again, haha! At least not for an appt. for myself, it would have been fine if it was an appt. for the kids but since it was for me it was a little tricky. Ethan is 17 months....enough said :)

Hope all is well with everyone. Stay Blessed!


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