Jul 29, 2009


Love is patient. Love is kind. I think those two short sentences can really change us in so many ways. Our words, our actions, our thoughts, feelings....God has brought those two sentences to me recently (1 Cor 13) and they have really helped me. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to handle a certain situation, what to say, what not to say, what to do, what not to do....and I just feel like no matter what we are always to be patient and kind with others. That is love. If we can learn to apply that in our lives it really is amazing how much it changes things.

It's so cool when you apply the Word in your life and realize how much it changes you. You know what I mean? Like just by reminding myself of that verse lately it has helped me in situations that I would otherwise act differently. I don't know if I'm making any sense but I just think if we all learned to apply 1 Corinthians 13 in our lives, God would be glorified immensely in our lives and we would have so much freedom and love in our hearts because of it.

It's so easy to be negative. As humans it is just easier to see and point out the negative in things, in people rather than the positive. "Oh, this weather stinks. It's been raining all day." Instead of, "Thank you God for this rain that we totally couldn't survive without and NEED." Do you ever think about that? I mean we need the rain!! If it didn't rain for an entire summer we would all be praying for rain! I don't know, maybe I am in my own little world here in my thinking but God has just been showing and teaching me things lately that are so simple and yet I am just now getting it. To see the good, the positive in simple things like rainy days. I'm not perfect. This does not mean I will never complain about rain again in my lifetime, it's just that we wake up every morning and make choices. Choices to love or not love. Complain or be thankful. You know what I mean?

Anyways, it's just a challenge....to you and to me....to be patient and kind in the big things and small things in life (traffic, long lines at the grocery stores, those are some of the small things). We are to love others more than we love ourselves. Wow, that is a real challenge wouldn't you say? After all, it's easy to love ourselves....not always so easy to love others...especially ones that hurt us.

On a family note, we are doing wonderful. Ethan is a joy as always and I am falling more in love with little miss Gracelyn everyday. This morning when I went to get her I started smiling and saying good morning to her and she gave me the biggest and happiest smile. I just melted. Nothing like a big smile from my sweet girl first thing in the morning. She's a doll! She has slept through the night the last 4 nights! She's always been a good sleeper and really has only woken up once in the night time since bringing her home but she has slept 9-10 hours the past 4 nights. I feed her right before we go to bed and that does the trick! She is a real blessing to our family and Ethan is so precious with her. Always rubbing her head, giving her kisses and her pacifier when she starts to fuss....and all without us telling him to do those things. He's going to be one amazing big brother! I'm pretty sure she won't have a boyfriend until she's well in her 20's if Ethan has anything to say about it, ha! He seems quite protective of her.

Well, it's been a busy couple of days. I'm working on a project for a friend's baby shower and it sure is coming along cute. I will have to post a picture of it once I give it to her just in case she happens to read my blog...I don't think she does but ya never know:) Today I am making dinner for a different friend who just had her 4th baby on Sunday and then we have date night tonight with about 5-7 of our other young married couple friends. We are going out to dinner and then hanging out for a bit afterwards, I'm looking forward to it! Four of us couples had baby girls within the last few months so I am thinking a ridiculously cute picture will be posted tomorrow :)

Hope all is well with everyone.

Learning to love,

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Anonymous said...

I just want to POST a big amen to what Keri shared about LOVE! About being a "doer" of the word. It changes our lives! Ive been tested lately with bad back pain and last night my pain returned not as bad as it was a week ago..but pretty bad and in my heart i was seeking God to apply the word. God has taught me always to do the word..even when it hurts..even in tears...and sometimes I fail but by his grace last night i was able to trust him and wait on him..and given thanks in my pain. Well i happened to be at my daughters house last night..Keri and Jers house....and was in my pain..and so hard cause i couldnt love on Ethan like i like to..in pickin him up at times..etc. but i knew i wasnt to do that. In my heart i was praying and thanking God for what he was allowing in my life...and all of a sudden i got up off the couch and my back pain was 80 percent gone. I was in awe! The lord brought to my mind that my prayer partner could have been praying for me at that moment for my back...and come to find out when i got home..i had received a phone call from her..and she was praying for my back. God is a awesome God. He uses us in each others lives..and all of us must just seek to do his will...to live to please him..and like Keri said to give thanks and be positive in everything. It is his word in 1 Thess 5:17,18. What we miss out on becaues we dont take God at his word!!! God says..."No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who trust him" Trustin in God is obeying his word! And we will experience his wonders..his power...his miracles as we BELIEVE him..and obey him.
God is sooooooooooo good and he longs for us to know him, love him...and walk with him each day in such a way..that we are depending on him..for everything and conscience of him always. Praying always...rejoicing always.
Lets all seek him...and believe,obey his word..and watch what he will do in our lives! If we get a flat tire today..lets thank him..hes in control and praise him..and see what provision he does..because we trusted in him. Whatever happens lets praise him...in JESUS NAMe...YES..and amen.