May 27, 2009

Getting ready for sissy!

Ethan has been playing with this baby doll for the past couple days....carrying her around, giving her hugs, poking her eyes and trying to put her out the window, seems he is preparing himself for a real little sissy soon....although we will have to work on the poking eyes and window thing ;)

Tomorrow I have my 39 week appt. for the baby. My midwife gets back late tomorrow evening so I will be seeing one of the doctors tomorrow who will most likely check me and we'll see if I'm dilated at all. I'm sure I am a little bit by now but we'll see. I'll be sure and post tomorrow some time after the appt. when I get a chance.

We've got 6 days to go until my due date...if she comes at 39 weeks 3 days like Ethan did she would be here on Friday! It will be any day now and we are more than excited about becoming a family of four!

Stay tuned!
Jeremy, Keri, Ethan and Baby Girl

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