May 19, 2009

Dr Appt's

I will start off with our first was his 15 month check-up. He is doing great. He weighed in at 25 lbs (50% tile for weight, so he's average) and was 32.5" long....same length as he was at 12 months. He's 75-90% tile for length. He's doing everything he should be doing for the most part....the doctor just recommended that we work on his fine motor skills....letting him scribble with a pen on some paper/coloring with a crayon....that kinda thing and to also let him use a spoon to try and feed himself.

It's a little tricky as he is still not completely eating table food and there is no way I am giving him a spoon with a jar of baby food...he would make the biggest mess and it would be all over the walls, carpet, etc. I'll definitely try and let him feed himself when I give him a little bowl of mashed potatoes, etc....the foods that wouldn't make as much of a food though, no way!

Now that he has so many teeth we are to start brushing them 1-2 times a day...with the baby toothpaste only because it doesn't have fluoride in it so it's safe for them to swallow. They can't have the real stuff until they learn how to spit. I think he will love this as he has always loved it will be cute to start brushing his teeth and we will do our best to keep those cavities away! :) The doctor said to also start trying to wean him off the bottle....which I've been slowly doing...he's down to just 2 bottles a day now...and I've been trying to give him milk in a sippy cup now so he gets used to drinking his milk from that. He said it's good to have the bottle phased out by 18 months....and I'm pretty confident I can have him weaned in the next 3 months so we should be good.

So our little man Ethan is doing great....just gotta keep working on those table foods with him....some he will eat but most he won't...he's a funny kid.

Our baby girl is due in just 2 weeks. I had my appt. with my midwife yesterday and all is well. Baby is still in the right position and has a strong heart beat and loves to move and kick around. I could have gotten checked to see if I was dilated at all if I wanted but I need to cause myself discomfort if I don't have too...I would rather just wait until the real deal happens...even if I was a 1 or 2 it doesn't mean I'm in labor so there's really no point to it other than curiousity. My midwife leaves early Thurs. morning for Seattle and won't be back until late on the 28th so if she doesn't come today/tomorrow (which I don't expect she will) then I would love for her to hold out until the 29th when my midwife is back in town but if not everything will work out just fine. I go back to the doctor's next week and will have my appt. with one of the doctors that is on call that would possibly deliver the baby if Jeanne is still not back. There are 2 doctors covering for Jeanne's patients while she's gone so it would just depend on who is on call when I have the baby. Most likely I will get checked next week though at my we'll see if I'm dilated at all then....if I make it to that appt. that is. Either way, she is coming very soon!

I was having contractions late Saturday night but once I got up and walked around for a bit and drank some water they calmed down. I can definitely tell she is starting to get things moving though...she wants to meet her mommy, daddy and little brother soon :)

I'll have Jer take my 38 week belly shot later tonight and I'll be sure and post it.

Be expecting some baby news soon!! :)

Momma Keri

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