May 13, 2009

37 Weeks

Is it really true that our little girl is due in just 3 weeks or less? True! I'm 37 weeks today. How exciting! Jeremy, Ethan and I went to McLaren Regional Medical Center last night (where I will be delivering the baby) for a tour and to find out where to go when I get there. My midwife recommended I do this and I'm glad we did because I've only been there once and am not very familiar with the hospital or area. It's really easy to get to from our place (20 minutes exact) and I now know to take the South Elevators to the 7th floor :) The last thing I want to be doing while I'm at the hospital having contractions is trying to figure out where to go when we get there....that would probably end up in me apologizing to my hubby afterwards....because I would probably get frustrated and yell something I shouldn't in my pain, lol!

The lady showed us Jeanne's room (that's my midwife) which is the only room with a queen size bed in's so nice and big! If one of Jeanne's other patients beats me to it and gets the queen size bed room then I'll be in one of 2 other rooms which were both really big too and super nice. It's not that big of a deal...although the queen size bed did look nice :)

We left and Jer and I were both talking and saying how we feel this experience will be better than my last. From having a midwife that cares to hearing most of the nurses are great and knowing this is my 2nd baby (should mean shorter labor) and just being able to get up and walk or get in the shower or try different things if I feel up to it rather than be confined to a bed not being able to do much of anything...I think it will be better....and I'm praying it will be better so it just has to be! I have a lot of peace which I know is from God because after my experience with Ethan it's easy to be fearful....but God is with me!

I am busy everyday trying to clean little by little, stay up on the laundry, organize random cabinets and just have this place as ready as it can be when it's time for the baby to come...I am a very neat and orderly person so if my home is messy when I leave for the hospital it will bother me :)

I am enjoying my naps (which I take almost everyday when Ethan naps) and also my nights of sleep...I know they will be gone soon...but maybe this little girl will be a better sleeper than Ethan after a couple months and sleep longer periods at night....we'll see! If not, that's get through it and I know I will enjoy every minute I have with her because as us mommies know our kids grow too fast!

My little boy will be 15 months tomorrow! I feel like I was just bringing him home from the crazy how fast time really goes by. He's such a joy and I feel so blessed to have a healthy and happy little boy. He is a lot of fun and so goofy at times too. It will be cute to see the kids grow up and play together.

Well, my next appt. is on Monday and I will meet the Dr. that will deliver the baby if she happens to come while my midwife is out of town. I have heard good things about her so I feel at peace with whatever happens. I am still planning on trying to go natural but if it becomes unbearable and I still have hours to go I will be requesting my best friend, Epidural, to comfort me during my time of pain :)

Love to all,
Jeremy, Keri, Ethan and...

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