May 3, 2009

Finally...I found an outfit!

I have been searching for a little outfit or dress for the baby to come home in for weeks now and have had no luck. I even went to Babies R" Us and couldn't find anything or at least anything I was willing to spend $20 on.

I went to Walmart yesterday as one of my goals this weekend was to pack my hospital bag...which meant I had a list of a bunch of stuff I was needing...for baby and for myself. I was able to find everything on my list, I was so excited! I saw this little dress and knew it was it. It's exactly what I was looking for...a simple and cute little sundress....and it only cost me $6.50 :) Of course I will have some receiving blankets with me in case it's a chilly June afternoon but I was so excited to get everything on my list and can now pack my bag and check off another thing done...I'm almost ready!

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