Mar 5, 2009

This is the day that the Lord has made

"This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalms 118:24

I felt God put this song in my heart today because He knew I needed it. I was up in the night with Ethan from 1:30-4:00 and I was feeling so frustrated during the night. He's been waking up again in the night crying but once I go get him he stops crying and he is fine and goes to sleep on my shoulder. I wait 20 minutes and lay him back in his crib and he starts to cry again. Just like the old days. The last few nights I've ended up sleeping with him again in the spare bed because I try to get him back in his crib for hours with no success and I myself am exhausted by this point and give in so I can sleep. I felt so frustrated last night because I didn't feel like he was in pain but rather just wanted me and I don't want him to get in the habit again of crying for me in the night, he was sleeping through for months so well.

Our thought is he may be teething and maybe for him comfort is just me holding him and being with him. I'm hoping this is the case and he's not just getting into a habit of waking in the night hours again because we've been so past that stage for awhile now. His one molar is still coming through so we are hoping that's it, he normally doesn't wake up crying in the night for no reason but it's been a little strange to me that he immediately stops crying once I hold him. Again, it could just be he's teething and the comfort of mom helps.

I don't like posting stuff like this because I am not looking for someone to feel bad for me or to start getting emails saying, "How are you sleeping, etc" or for someone to give their opinion of what they think is going on, etc. It's not a big deal and we will get through it and figure it out...just part of being a mommy...but the reason I am blogging about it is because I just felt so loved by God this morning.

After a night of not sleeping for me and feeling a little frustrated about it I woke up singing "This is the day" which I have not heard recently or sung in a very long time. I then realized the words I was singing and thought, "Yes God, thank you for this day. You made it, and I'm going to rejoice."

I just love how God cares about the details of our lives and how he renews our strength each day. He gives us strength when we don't have it and gives us what we need each day to make it through ya know? This is just a little thing and again I was debating even blogging about it because I am not complaining and people have real issues going on in their lives but I wanted to share just because God blessed me with that song this morning after having a few nights of not much sleep and frustration.

I'm sure he's just teething....he has been extra clingy the past few days and has wanted us to always be holding him so hopefully tonight with some orajel and motrin before bed he will get some good rest. If not, God will give me the strength to get up with him during the night again until his teeth are popped through :)

We didn't end up going to our birthing class last night. I wasn't feeling well yesterday (just a stomach issue I get here and there) so I decided to cancel it. I don't think we'll reschedule. The main reason I was doing it was just to get a tour of the L&D floor but we've been there once visiting some friends when their baby was born so I'm not too worried about it. I definitely don't need the breathing and relaxation techniques again which was the majority of the class. I just went through that and they didn't help for me anyways. Breathing does not help when you are dying ;)

I was supposed to have my dr's appt. today for the baby but my midwife is at the hospital all afternoon delivering a little miracle so it got rescheduled for next week, no big deal.

I encourage everyone to rejoice today because the Lord made this day and how beautiful that is!


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