Mar 2, 2009

Happy March!

I must say I am quite excited that March is finally here. I love March because that means that April follows and April means Spring and the beginning of no white stuff on the ground and this I love :)

Saturday was a bit of a long night for us. After a fun filled day Ethan was up in the night from 2am-5am with ants in his pants :) We aren't really sure what was going on but he kept having these itching episodes which eventually led him to being awake and playing for 2 hours. Yawn. Needless to say he slept through last night and it was much needed for all 3 of us. I think he is finally over this Rotovirus thing and is starting to get back to his normal & happy self. Praise God!

Tonight is Women's Ministry at church and it is always soo good. It's just once a month so I always look forward to worshipping with the ladies and hearing the Word and just whatever God has in store for us that night. It's at 7:00 tonight at the church for any of you ladies out there who want to come :)

Tomorrow I go to get my Glucose test done and my blood drawn. This is normal procedure at this stage of pregnancy and the purpose is to check for gestational diabetes. It is common for women to develop this during pregnancy and if you do have it you have to change your diet until the baby is born. I didn't have it with Ethan and praying I don't have it this time around either. I have this orange drink I have to drink tomorrow and then you have to get your blood drawn exactly an hour after drinking it. It really doesn't bother me all that much, the stuff you drink tastes like really sugary orange pop and getting my blood drawn doesn't bother me that much so it's all good :)

Wednesday night Jeremy and I are going to McLaren hospital to deliver this baby. Just kidding. We are going for our Childbirth re-cap class, it's just one night for 2 hours. Normally I wouldn't do this as I just had a baby and know what to expect but since I am delivering at a different hospital this time I thought it would be a good idea to get the tour, know where to go when it's time and so on. Thursday is my next doctor appt. with my midwife. So, lots of baby events this week, it's only getting closer and closer to this little sweet pea arriving!

Well, I am feeling a little sleepy and E just went down for his nap so I should probably take advantage of this time and get a little nap in myself.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the many blessings that God has given each of us. He is so faithful and so good to us!

Much love,

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