Mar 6, 2009

Itching, Itching & Itching...

Well, Ethan's bottom seemed to be getting better, I've been applying Desitin and Vaseline on at each diaper change and it was finally starting to look normal again.

Yesterday when I changed him around 5:00 it was suddenly really bad again. His bottom was all red and bumpy and just a bad rash, an itchy rash. Of course I would rather him be itching then crying in pain but it's just so strange and I can't quite figure out what's causing it. I am now led to believe he must be having an allergic reaction to something...I just wish I knew what it was.

I have not changed the brand of diapers or wipes I've been using. He did start on whole milk (just a couple ounces in his bottles) on Monday however his first itching rash attack was this past Saturday, so I'm thinking it's not the whole milk. He really isn't eating any new foods, he's still eating level 2 baby food for the most part and he still chokes on most of the level 3's. I'm not sure if they can suddenly develop a food allergy that he didn't have before? One of his diaper changes yesterday I didn't have the Desitin/Vaseline next to me so I put on another generic creme I have called Butt Paste. It's just a creme to keep their bottom soft and free from rash. I noticed when I changed his diaper after I applied it is when his bottom was broken out in a rash. So, I figured that was probably it as I don't really use Butt Paste much at all...but I think I used it earlier in the day yesterday too and he didn't have a break out...unless it takes time to set in or something. I know I've used it a couple times over his life and there was no rash from it.

Nothing is making sense to me. It gets better for a day or so it seems and is almost gone and then suddenly it's really bad again and causes him to itch like crazy. I was up with him last night for hours because he couldn't sleep because it was itching him so bad. I tried putting some of the hydrocortisone creme the doc prescribed for him a week or so ago on it last night thinking maybe that would stop the itching but it didn't seem to help. I was just laying there praying and asking God to help stop the itching so he could get some rest. He would sleep for a couple hours and then be up for an hour itching and so on.

I am waiting to hear back from the doctor. I want to see if he has any ideas for me or has a different creme he can prescribe that would stop the itching if/when it happens again. I have Ethan running around nude right now so his bottom can air out but I'm not sure if it's helping because he just keeps itching it.

It's so hard when you don't know why something is happening and nothing really makes sense to me what it could be. I've been so tired of course too because I haven't slept good in 2 weeks with the Rotovirus and now these itching rash attacks. I'm telling ya, everytime he gets sick with something his sleeping schedule gets totally messed up.

Anyhow, so I don't know...he's been on so many different cremes the past 2 weeks for his bottom and none of them seem to be really taking care of it. I'm just praying God will give me an answer as to what is causing this so we can stop giving him whatever it is. Of course I won't put on anymore Butt Paste but I'm not confident that was the problem since he is still itching today and I haven't applied Butt Paste since yesterday around 2 or something. I did give him a warm bath last night hoping that would help clear it up but it really didn't.

I am using different laundry detergent now...not using the Baby All I was using for his clothes but it can't be that because that wouldn't touch his bottom....the rest of his body is fine. It either has to be one of the cremes or a food he is eating that he's suddenly allergic too. Kinda strange.

During the hard days/nights of being a mom I always remind myself that this time will pass...and it really helps me get through the rough days. I'm thankful as the Rotovirus definitely is gone so at least his bottom isn't burning and he's not in pain, just gotta figure this itching thing out. Maybe the doctor will have the answer, we'll see.



Tori said...

Maybe you could try cloth diapers for a while to let his little bottom air out? I know when I was little I was allergic to the diapers themselves to the point where I could ONLY wear cloth (and they weren't those nice all in one diapers in the 80's like they have today). Here's hoping the doc has some answers for you :) Big hugs to you and Ethan!

GeekWife :)

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Thanks Tori! :)