Mar 7, 2009

A Rainy Saturday

It's been awhile since we've had a rainy Saturday. Although I prefer a sunny Saturday I would rather have rain then snow and this only means Spring is not far away so that is exciting!

I took Ethan to the doctor's yesterday even though his rash was almost gone. I wanted to still talk with the doctor about everything and see what his thoughts were about the itchy rash, etc. He doesn't think it's a food allergy because if it was a food allergy it wouldn't be on his bottom only which makes sense. We went over everything it could be and we didn't really come to a conclusion. Ethan's been on a few different cremes so the doctor said let's just go back to using the one I prescribed originally (we apply it just twice a day) and then in between cake on the Aquaphor which is very similar to vaseline. He wasn't quite sure what was causing these itching episodes.

His bottom seems to be getting better and I'm praying it continues to get better and that this rash thing is over with. Ethan's never had a diaper rash until this whole Rotovirus thing developed and maybe this itchy rash was just an after effect or something to the Rotovirus, who remains a mystery.

So, I'm going to keep applying the creme twice a day, Aquaphor in between for another 3-4 days until it seems it's gone completely and not coming back! The doc said also after bath time to make sure we dry his bottom real good, put a little bit of baby powder on to help dry it out, let him run around for a few minutes with no diaper on (which we've been doing everyday anyways for the past week) and hopefully it doesn't happen again. If it does he said he would like to see what it looks like and to bring him in and that I could give him a fourth tsp. of Benedryl to help with the itching. So, I'm hoping he's done with this rash now.

We were still up in the night with him. He slept until 4am but then woke up crying. We let him cry for a good 20-25 minutes and he wasn't letting up so I went and got him. I rocked him and held him for a good 30 minutes, laid him back in his crib and of course he woke up crying instantly. Little stinker. I then decided to just let him cry it out. He cried for another 20 minutes and then fell asleep. Slept for maybe an hour, then woke up again crying....cried for maybe 5 minutes, then back to sleep. The night was a blur for Jer and I but I'm hoping letting him cry it out those few times last night will get him back into his normal sleeping routine this week. I knew he didn't have the rash anymore so I figured it was time to let him cry it out....and it really didn't seem like he was in pain, it was more of him wanting me. Any time he gets sick it always messes up his sleep because he gets used to having mommy visits in the night hours so I think he adjusts and expects now it's just getting him back in that routine and I think he'll get it down in the next couple nights.

The three of us didn't wake up until 9:45 this morning...I was still out cold but Jer woke up and went to check on Ethan and Jer said he walked in and just saw his little bald head sitting up in the crib being quiet. Who knows how long he was awake, lol....I'm thinking maybe just 15 minutes...usually he will start talking in the morning or crying so I don't think he was sitting there long. So, our schedule was a little off last night/this morning just due to the crazy night but I'm just so glad his rash seems to be getting better and staying better.

We have just been hanging out this morning in our pj's having some family time on this rainy day. I think we are going to go get some yummy Chinese food later tonight at a new place we found that we love in Howell. It's a good 30 minutes or so away but hey it's a rainy day, nothing better to do :)

I looked in Ethan's mouth this morning to see how his molar was's coming in more and more....I then looked on the other upper side of his mouth and sure enough in comes another molar!! It's just starting to come through but man this kid is going to have a full set of teeth by 15 months at this rate :) He hasn't been real fussy though so he's handling the molar thing pretty least the past couple days. I just checked his mouth 2 days ago and the 2nd molar wasn't through at, that may have been part of the reason he was crying a bit last night....but he sounded more tired than anything and it really didn't take him too long to fall back asleep.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend, I know I sure am! Thanks for reading.


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