Mar 25, 2009

30 weeks already!

I am 30 weeks pregnant today and I can't believe I only have 10 weeks or less before this little girl arrives. I am so ready to meet her, she's going to be so beautiful.

Well, Jeremy has been sick with a bad head cold/sore throat the past 5 days or so.....and now I have it :( I started feeling sick yesterday when we were out watching a high school basketball game and have a bad sore throat. If you know me you know how badly I despise sore throats, I always get them really bad for some reason...and there's really nothing you can do for a sore throat other than take tylenol to hope it relieves the pain a little. I don't get sick often and I usually don't catch things when Jer is sick but he's been blowing his nose for 5 days, sneezing a was inevitable I suppose. Jer stayed home from work yesterday and he's home again today, this cold is just dragging out...ugh....not excited about it. I'm praying Ethan doesn't get it, I've never been sick and had a sick baby so I can only imagine how fun that would be. So, praying our little guy stays healthy while mom and dad fight this thing.

I was supposed to have my baby appt. on Thursday but since Jer was home yesterday I called to see if I could get in yesterday instead because it's so much easier for me to not bring Ethan along. They were able to get me in so that was great. It was a pretty quick appt. All is well with the baby, strong heartbeat and nothing new really to report. I did ask my midwife for that prescription for the pelvic harness as I'm still having a lot of pelvic pain and I can barely walk and get out of bed at times without being in a lot of pain. It is very normal she said but nonetheless no fun and very uncomfortable. So, I gotta go to some medical place by the hospital today to get a pelvic least that's my hope....since Jer is home once again....would be easier to do without E.

I gotta go back to the lab on Monday to do another urine culture to see if the antibotics I was on took care of the E-Coli that was in my urine. I am hoping it did because 2 yogurts a day for 10 days gets really old! If not, she said I will go on another round of antibotics. I'm praying that is not the case.

Nothing too new to report with Ethan. He is a lot of fun, growing up so much and loves loves music and dancing to music. There is also this new show on tv I found that he just loves. It's the only show he actually watches, they dance and do other things but it is his favorite forsure. I love that he gives kisses to us so freely as I know in just a few years those moments will be long gone, haha! He's precious and I love that he is half me and half Jer, he's just the sweetest thing!

Alright, I need to get myself some tylenol....and give Ethan his bottle. Hope everyone is well and blessed!

~ Keri

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