Mar 17, 2009

11 weeks left!

I will be 29 weeks tomorrow and can't believe I will only have 11 weeks or less before we have a baby girl. This pregnancy is flying by! She is going to come out fighting I think...she is so active, kicks and moves all the time during the night and day, she just may be a little fiesty red headed child, Lord prepare me now if so ;) I am getting more and more excited to meet her and to see Ethan with a little sister. It's weird to think just a couple more months of it being the 3 of us and then we will be a family of four!

Our sweet boy is doing good. He's 13 months now and growing everyday, learning new things, and just becoming more and more like a big kid to me. He absolutely LOVES to be outside and has the biggest smile when we take him for walks and let him play. He's a little unsure of the grass though and prefers to stay on solid ground, the cement :) He screams and cries when we have to bring him in from being outside...will make for an interesting to take him out but not so fun when he has to come in!

I wanted to wish my father in law a very happy birthday! His birthday was yesterday. Hope you guys had a nice and relaxing vacation up north :)

Well, I need to hop in the shower so that's all for now. It is supposed to be 67 today and I am SO excited. Yea for Spring time!

Keri & Baby "B"

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