Mar 31, 2009

April is almost here :)

I am excited tomorrow is April 1st. March is still winter in my mind but April is hello Spring time! I am really looking forward to going to the Amish with my family...this is the 7th year we have gone so it's become quite the tradition over Easter weekend and it's so relaxing there and they have this really good market with all these homemade foods and jams....a really nice deli....and the biggest ice cream cones you've ever seen. Well, last year we discovered these wonderful, heavenly things called Chicken Teriyaki Wraps....oh my Lord are they good! I plan on eating at least 5 of them and being pregnant is only making me crave them that much more! I wish there was a way I could get a bunch of them and freeze them but they just would not be the same.

Once we get down there (Ohio) we all go to Texas Roadhouse for Easter Dinner and it's soo good! They have this cinnamon butter that is to die for and really good chicken tenders....mmm, Easter Sunday could not come soon enough!

I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow....only 9 weeks or less left, can't believe how soon our sweet girl Bertha will be here. I pray she comes on or after May midwife gets back in town on the 28th and I would so love for her to be there for the delivery so I'm praying and asking God for it. I would actually love for this baby to be born in June....just because I've always wanted a June baby....but if it's the end of May I will be ok with that. Her newborn clothes, bibs, washcloths and bedding are all washed and ready to go so I'm glad that stuff is done and organized.

My dear mommy will be coming to take care of Ethan while Jeremy and I are at the hospital having the baby so I'm glad she is able to do that for us. Hopefully I don't call her at midnight like I did with Ethan that I was in labor, would be nice if it was in the morning or something...but that's out of my control, the baby will come when she's ready!

I am really looking forward to it just being me and Jeremy at the hospital this time. While I loved all the love and support of family when I was in labor with Ethan I felt a lot of pressure after he finally got here to let the grandparents come in right away to meet him since they were all waiting so long. I didn't have those "first moments" with him because I wasn't about to tell everyone he's here but you can't come see him for a few hours after waiting in the lobby for hours. So, this time it will be nice for it to just be Jeremy and I there, spend the first few hours alone with her after she arrives and when I feel ready for visitors and feel more refreshed and not so out of it I will call everyone and let them come meet her. Don't worry Grandma Petke and Grandma Harrison, we will be sure and call you both soon after she's here....but don't grab your car keys quite may still be a few hours before we have anyone come up.

Ethan is good, he's much happier today and his teeth don't seem to be bothering him today so that's always a good day! He was up the night before with me for a few hours so it was nice to get a good night's rest last night, it makes such a difference for all of us.

Well, it's naptime for Ethan and I need to start my spaghetti sauce....having my sister over for dinner tonight for a spaghetti dinner, salad and garlic doesn't get much better than that :)

Hope everyone is having a good week so far and thanks for reading! :) I posted a picture of Ethan at the Amish last Easter....he was a wee 6 weeks old :) So precious.

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Tori said...

What part of the Ohio Amish country are you visiting? There's so much of it down here :)