Dec 1, 2008

It's Christmas time! :)

Ok so I have been trying to change my layout to a Christmasy theme....but I am having issues and cannot figure out the problem. I put the Christmas layout up but the middle part is not what it's supposed to look like...I have the old template in the middle and can't seem to figure out how to get rid of it. It's driving me crazy. If you are a fellow blogger and know how I can fix this please let me know....until then I'm sorry that it is a little messed up.

We got back last night from our Thanksgiving trip to Bair Lake. It was such a great time with the family. We had lots of good food, great talks by the fire, a sharing time where most of us shared something we are thankful for that we learned from my grandparents that are now gone. We played games, had a skit night and simply are the most fun family out there. I really believe that!

Being at Bair Lake is always so special to me. Even though my memories there are in the summer months I love to walk the grounds and remember all the memories I had there. I made some of my best friends at Bair Lake and it will always be so special to me. I would say my times at Bair Lake were the best times, highlights and memories of my life. I love being there and it's such the perfect place for our family to be for Thanksgiving.

Ethan enjoyed it also. He handled all the family quite well actually and had a really fun time exploring in his walker. He especially loved the couple nights that mommy let him sleep with him in bed, he slept good those nights! I love snuggling up with him and watching him sleep. The days of him being a little baby will be gone soon and I want to treasure all those moments with him.

My next baby appt. is this Thursday. I will get to hear the heartbeat again which is always so great and we will also find out the date of our next appt....and our next appt. will be when we find out what we're having! Yippi, I can't wait to have a date so I can start the countdown! :)

So normally it takes 2.5 hours to get home from camp and yesterday it took 5.5 hours! I-94 was a mess, complete ice and a snowstorm and there were accidents everywhere! It was a long trip but I was just thankful that we got home safe and weren't one of the cars in the ditch!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their families and it's now time to start thinking CHRISTMAS! :)

Love to all,

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