Nov 25, 2008

It's almost Thanksgiving!

Only two more days until Turkey Day! We leave tomorrow afternoon sometime for Bair Lake to be with my fun crazy family and I am so excited to see everyone! We will be coming back Sunday evening sometime so it will be a nice little getaway.

Hmm...what is new with us. I am officially done nursing Ethan as of about a week or two ago. He was ready to be done...he didn't take to it anymore so that was my sign. So, I got 9 months of nursing in....pretty good! The doctor said he got all the vitamins he really needed so that's good.

As you can see I have Ethan's adorable 9 month pictures posted....he's sooo cute and I am really happy with them...the photographer got some cute poses!

I'm 13 weeks along with the 2nd baby and the baby is already 3 inches long:) So amazing! I am just itching to find out if it's a boy or girl but we won't know for probably another 6 weeks. Daddy is confident it's a girl...I hope so too :)

Ethan is starting to get into trouble! He has figured out how to get in my desk drawers and pull stuff out...he loves cords and pretty much everything he isn't supposed to have. Toys are too boring....that's usually how it goes! He learned how to scoot on his belly this past week. He really only does it if there's something he really wants that is out of reach. Nonetheless he is changing and learning new things all the time!

Well, I have a lot to do today before we leave tomorrow so I better get to it! Have a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends and I will be sure and post about our little trip when we get back.

Love to all,

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The Scotts said...

he is so stinking cute! Your a blessed momma!