Nov 22, 2008

My Dream

It's 7am on Saturday morning...I had just ended this cool dream when I heard Ethan crying. It blessed me even though I know it's a "dream" and dreams are normally strange.

There were probably a hundred of us girls being held hostage in this house by one man. We were all tied together by the arms and he said if any of you try and run I will kill you. We were all scared and just being still, not talking. Suddenly this man comes in the front door of the house and says, "God told me to come here and I didn't know why." We all quietly starting getting out of the house and running in this open field....I'm not quite sure where everyone went but everyone was safe in cars, planes, etc. I was the only one still running, looking for a place to get away. I suddenly hear the man coming after me, mad as all get out that we all got away and he didn't know. I thought, "Oh God, save me! Where am I going to go? Help!" I see this run down pick up truck/suv....kinda like one of those old Bronco suv's....well I see it but the bottom of the suv is completely gone and the two side doors on the back of the suv are missing. Not the best place to hide and he could see me anyways. It was the only place I could go so I ran in and jumped in on the left side. He was right behind me and started to climb in from underneath the suv...since it was all open. Right as he was trying to get up a man is in the driver's seat (even though it was completely empty the minute before) and drove the suv up onto a tow truck. So now the bottom of the suv is blocked off and the man couldn't get to me. Keep in mind the man in the front seat doesn't know I'm back there...I was too afraid of talking because I was just waiting for the bad guy to jump in one of the side back doors. Suddenly we start moving but now we aren't on the tow truck and the driver is saying, "I have 2 more seats available...calling out to see if anyone needs a ride but no one was around...not sure where the bad guy was but he couldn't get to it in time....then we take off down the road and suddenly I notice a left door was on the suv where I was sitting....but not on the right and I knew this was God! He put a door on for me so I wouldn't be cold. I then began to cry and started to praise Jesus and the driver then saw me, smiled and started singing.

Then I woke up. I don't have dreams like this often and I'm not saying it meant anything other than I woke up thinking, "My God is big enough to do anything." He can grow a door on a car! Hey, if he can part the red sea I don't think a door suddenly appearing is that strange.

Not sure why I shared this other than it was a really cool/spiritual dream for me. Maybe it's just a way for me to encourage someone that God is big enough....He's big enough to save you in any situation you are going through...and He is our song in the night....our strength in the fire.

Our God is mighty to save!

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Dawn Blay-Smith said...

That is a crazy yet good dream.. I always tend to analyze my dreams by the stuff I am going thru at the time. God shows me things ALOT in my dreams so this was a great dream. Thank you for sharing...