Nov 18, 2008

A snowy day

I opened the windows this morning to see snow covered all over the ground. It looks so pretty from inside my warm house:)

We had Ethan's 9 month pictures done on Sunday. I brought some Christmasy items to do some Christmas pictures and I am hoping she got a couple good ones. She took a lot. He was so serious for most of it and we had a hard time getting him to smile like he does when he's with just us. I think we got a couple good ones though! We decided to go to the photographer's house and she has a studio in her basement. Well, there is no carpeting down there so it's just cement. She put some padding under the backdrop for him to sit on and I sat behind him most of the time because I was worried about Ethan falling over and hitting his head on the cement. He did great the whole time until the very end when he suddenly fell forward out of my reach and banged his chin really hard on the cement. We thought it was going to be really bad and blood everywhere but no blood praise Jesus! He cried real hard for a good 5 minutes and then we got him calmed down. His chin was red but no blood and his teeth were fine so we were thankful. We gave him some tylenol in case he was in pain but he is fine and no bruise or anything. I'm sure it's his first of many falls but it was heartbreaking as his mommy to see him get hurt :(

I took Ethan for his 9 month check up yesterday. He is doing great. He weighs 21.9 lbs and is 31" long. He moved up from the 95% tile to the 97% for length. Our tall boy! He's in the 50-75% tile for his weight. I asked the doctor what I could try giving him other than baby food and he said mashed potatoes, applesauce (which is pretty much the same as his baby food applesauce), mashed up I may try a couple things with him but nothing chunky as he still doesn't do well with chunky foods. I don't want to give him fake mashed potatoes though. I have given him a piece of rice and a little crumb of a biscuit but nothing too much just yet. He sure is growing up fast though! I can't believe he's 9 months and that I'm already 3 months pregnant with our 2nd. Time flies!

We are leaving a week from Weds. to be with the most fun family to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Petke's! I feel bad for people that aren't in my Petke family because we have the best time together:) We will go to Bair Lake from Weds to Sun just like last has become the new tradition for Thanksgiving and it's the perfect place for us Petke's as my Grandpa Petke was one of the founders of BLBC.

Well, that's all for now. I need to fold some laundry before Ethan wakes up from his nap.

Love to all!


cultural architect said...

keri...youre pregnant!!! ahhh! congrats! :)

Dawn Blay-Smith said...

Ok I know Adam is just now not finding out your preggers??? I hope you have a great time over thanksgiving. I hate that we wont be with my family this year, we always have so much fun with my side. Its all about Euchre and more euchre. I am blessed however to be spending it with Kens family though.

~The Harrison Family~ said...

I never know if it's Adam or Brooke on the blog, facebook etc. it's very confusing:) Adam has known for weeks so most likely he is just being Adam....random. Best word to describe him. I'm sorry you won't be with your family this Turkey Day! My family is also loads of dad has 4 brothers and 4 sisters and I have lots of cousins and we are just a really close, fun, crazy family. Euchre for the Blay's huh? Us Petke's play Sequence and Mafia....the best game ever!