Nov 16, 2008

9 months

I cannot believe that Ethan is already 9 months old! I love watching him grow up, develop and just become his own little person. He is really starting to have a mind of his own...won't just lay there nicely for me anymore while I change his diaper....he puts his butt up in the air and scoots back and makes it very difficult to change his little moving body! If you take something away from him he cries and has a mini's good to know he is a normal kid :)

He isn't crawling yet and I'm not sure if he will. Although the past few days we think it looks like he may get the hang of it soon. Babies crawl typically around 9 months....some skip crawling and go right to walking. He sure loves to stand or be in his walker so I think he will be walking before 12 months, but we'll see!

So Ethan doesn't typically doesn't sleep through the night....he will sleep 6 hours or so and then wake up and has a bottle....or sometimes wakes up more than once, it's always different. We have a full size bed in his room and he absolutely LOVES sleeping in the bed...he digs his head in the pillows and just loves it. When we moved to our new place I thought we would put the spare bed in his room so that when I got up to nurse him in the night I could just take him from his crib and we could lay down in the bed and I could nurse. Well, he would then fall asleep after nursing and then I would move him back in his crib. I think that is why he started to love the bed. If we lay him in his crib at night he normally cries but if we lay him in the bed (surrounded by a million pillows) he doesn't cry and is asleep within 10 minutes. Normally we let him fall asleep in the bed and then I move him to his crib....but he always wakes up. So last night we thought, "let's just leave him in the bed all night and see what he does." He went to bed at 9 and did not wake up until almost 7! He always wakes up....I couldn't believe it when I heard him this morning and the clock said 6:42. So I'm not sure if we will buy bed rails and put them on the bed so he can sleep in the bed or not. It would be nice because then we could use his crib for the new baby. We'll see.

We are getting Ethan's 9 month pictures done today....I can't wait! We had planned on doing outdoor pictures but it's been raining the past 2 days so it's pretty ugly outside. We are just going to go to the photographer's house and she has a little studio. I wanted to do some Christmasy pictures so I am just going to bring some Christmas props and we'll work with those. I hope they turn out cute:)

All is well with us. I'll be 12 weeks along on Tuesday and I'm feeling pretty good, just get tired early and am ready for bed at 9 these days. Although I stayed up until 11:30 watching a movie with Jer last night which is surprising. I always fall asleep these days but it was a good movie...ok and I think all the sugar in the sour skittles helped:)

One of my really good friends Brooke is pregnant too and we are due just 3 weeks apart! So exciting. I am due June 3rd and she's the 21st. We both kinda think we are having girls (for different reasons) so it will be fun to find out. Will laugh if we are both having boys.

Alrighty, thanks for reading and will post more soon!

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