Nov 11, 2008

"The Walker"

So this is Ethan's newest favorite toy. Some love a boat, a fast car, all Ethan wants is his walker. He cruises around the apartment in this thing, absolutely loves it. Last night he was really laughing. This video doesn't capture it completely but is still cute. Jeremy or I would walk in our room and he would see us and hurry up and follow us and just laugh and laugh. Almost like we were playing games with him but we totally weren't, he just thinks we are.

Also, as daddy was getting ready this morning we were talking and ethan zoomed in to our bedroom. We walk in a minute later and he had grabbed the leftovers of my mint chocolate chip shake from last night that was on the nightstand. LOL. It was all over his walker...we all know mint chocolate chip is the best ice cream ever, he's gonna be just like his mommy :)

1 comment:

cultural architect said...

That kid ethan is a jedi master. His skills are far above mine. cute video. I miss you Jeremy. :D