Nov 10, 2008


I really do not enjoy this time of year....which I should because it's another season that God has given me life, family, friends and so much to enjoy....but my whole body cringes inside when it gets so cold and snowy outside. It's really the only time of year that I am tempted to move to Florida. I momentarily think a hot sun is more important than family....than I come to my senses :)

Thankfully just like last year I have something to look forward to this winter. Last year it was the birth of our son and this year we will get to find out if we are having another son or a daughter. I think God really loves me because he knows how much I don't like winter so he gives me exciting things to look forward to in the winter time :)

We sold our Christmas tree this past week....was a little sad because it's been our tree for all of our family Christmases together since we've been married but the poor thing was kinda falling apart. Plus birds decided it looked like a great tree to build a nest in so they would fly in my garage and be in the tree all the time. Funny. So, we are going to maybe have to get a real tree this year since we don't have storage space to get another fake one. I think that would kinda be fun....growing up my dad always took our family to the tree farm to pick out a tree and cut it was fun....except for the snow and cold part :)

I love Christmas time and am excited the Christmas music is already starting and seeing Christmas wrapping paper in the stores and such. It's just the best time of year because we get to spend a lot of time with family and I just love that. Anyhow, I'm rambling.

So God is really teaching me new things. Mainly that we are supposed to say no to our flesh and to be kind to everyone and be patient with difficult people. Their are people in my life who I struggle with on a weekly basis. It's so easy to complain and be negative but God is teaching me not to do that and to be patient with them. It is HARD but so good for me spiritually. I feel I am growing when I respond in the right way and that's a good thing.

I've heard two devastating stories this last week of friends or people I know who have friends that have suffered a huge loss, going through so much pain....and yet we bicker and vent about people in our life that are hard to deal with. I then step back and think, "If you just got the news that they were killed in a car crash would you really be thinking about those petty things that bother you?" Of course the answer is no. I think we take life for granted. A lot. I don't want to live like that....and although I don't like picturing bad outcomes in my mind it helps me deal with those that get under my skin ya know? Please be praying for the Vanderkooi/Ackley family and the Jahn family. Both families have suffered tragic losses this past week. A young mother and two children killed and a father and little boy killed and the mother in critical condition in the hospital.

Ethan has been a little under the weather but no big deal. He's just had a bad cold the past few days and has been congested at night and a faint sound of his croup cough....but he is a happy boy during the day, it's just the nights that are a little rough.

All is well with us and we thank God for that. Hope all is well for all my readers also :)

Be kind to everyone!

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