Aug 4, 2008

Our Buckeye Weekend

Well, another fun weekend has come and gone. We got home last night from a quick trip to Ohio for my cousin Rob's wedding. I intended on taking a picture with the bride and groom so I could post a picture but of course I didn't snap one picture the whole time we were there. It was a beautiful wedding and we really enjoyed seeing all of my family. We stayed in a hotel Saturday night so that is always fun too :)

Ethan is officially sleeping through the night and it is so wonderful! He's been sleeping through the night since last Weds. He still wakes up between 4-5 like his body is used to doing but quickly falls back asleep. No more in the middle of the night feedings and that is so nice. It will be nice to start sleeping again :)

Ethan did so great this weekend. He didn't have a nap on Saturday and was extremely exhausted and barely fussed. He is such a good baby. By time Sat. night came though he had had enough and was out like a light, he didn't even wake up in the middle of the night, slept straight through. He slept most of the way to Ohio and back in the car too...he's just such a good baby!

His new thing as of yesterday is trying to talk back to us. I kept saying, "Dada and Momma" and he would try and mimick me and his mouth would just be making noise and going up and down like mine, it was the funniest and cutest thing ever. (Another sign that he is growing up) So, he says "Dadadadadada" now...of course he doesn't know what he's saying but it sounds like it. It's so amazing how they really change so much day to day at this age. Saturday he wasn't doing that and yesterday in the car he started to do it.

We stopped at our favorite restaurant on the way home...Szechaun in Canton so that was a special treat for us. If you live anywhere near Canton or ever go there you have to go to this Chinese restaurant. It's been my favorite place for like 16 years. I grew up in Canton so I used to eat there all the we go here and there and I seriously would rather eat their food than any dessert, sooooo good!

Well, another week is about to begin. I need to unpack and get some laundry going while E is asleep and the daycare kids aren't here yet. Hope all is well with all of my blog readers :)


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