Jul 31, 2008

Way to go E!

First off, I just wanted to wish my mother-in-law a very happy birthday today! Hope it's great :)

So Ethan slept 10 hours last night! Ahh! I couldn't believe it! Normally he wakes up around 4 am to eat and he woke but just talked for a minute and fell back asleep. He did the same thing at 6. Of course I went in there each time to make sure he was ok but he didn't get up until 8 this morning! I am so hoping he is going to start sleeping through the night - that would be so wonderful for me! I have been so sleep deprived but of course I'm not complaining, he is worth it!

Another exciting thing happened this week and I apologize in advance if there are any men that read this :) I can officially get pregnant again if and when we decide to do that :) I have to say though, it sure was nice not having a cycle for over a year :)

This weekend we leave for Columbus, Ohio. Booo Buckeyes! My cousin is getting married and so we leave early Sat. morning to make it to the wedding which is at 1. Most of the family is staying the night in a hotel on Sat. as some are flying in for the wedding and we want to take advantage of our family time together! The Petke's (my maiden name) are by far the coolest and most fun family out there. My dad has 4 brothers and 4 sisters...enough said! Jeremy and I have a free night at the Hyatt hotel as it was a bonus for staying 2 nights in a Hyatt on our last trip to Florida. So, we get to stay for free which is so awesome. If you've never stayed in a Hyatt it should be on your to do list, it's Jeremy and I's favorite hotel...it has a big plasma in each room :)

It seems that Ethan has an allergy to oatmeal. The first day I gave it to him he started breathing funny. I called his doc and he said it didn't sound like an oatmeal allergy as normally they involve a rash or hives but I beg to differ. I didn't give it to him for 3 days and he was fine and then I tried it again and he started to breathe funny again! Needless to say, no more oatmeal for my little man! He is trying to get over a cold which has been fun....he was pretty congested for a few nights and mommy and e didn't sleep much. I still love being a mom though, no worries :)

We went and saw the inside of the yellow house and really like it. There's really nothing we don't like about it. It's just a really cute house and seems perfect for a small family. Cute sub, nice yard, doesn't need much work...we really like it. God brought someone to us that offered to buy us a house to rent to own. He basically said find the house you want and I'll buy it. Yeah. Kinda crazy and I will elaborate more if we decide to make an offer on the house, etc. but God is so incredible and it doesn't surprise me that he would send someone our way to offer to buy us a house. I think likes surprising us.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. I'm really looking forward to getting away this weekend. Some of the family still hasn't met Ethan so I'm always up for showing him off :)

Here's a video of Ethan laughing that I took this week. It's the sweetest thing ever! You have to turn your head to watch it though...couldn't get it to be upright, sorry!

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I cannot believe I just saw little E live! How fun his laughs and giggles were, Keri, please make sure you post more of him, that is just toooo cute!