Dec 12, 2012

Better late than never :)

Well, I thought my next post would be an announcement that baby Harrison was here, but, I'm sorry, he/she is still baking :)

I finished editing a wedding I did this summer and so I actually have had a little time to sit down and edit some pics I took of my own little ones from the summertime. I did a really quick 1 year session of Lincoln this past September. He was so on the move that it was hard to get a lot of photos - but, I captured a few cute ones and thought I would share them :)

Capturing his first steps :)
A little cutie playing by the swing set
Simply stunning!
A couple I snapped of him in his cute onesie on the deck :)

And a gorgeous black and white one of my boy!

On a baby note, nothing much is going on. I decided against drinking the "potion" as I'm pretty sure it would have just made me gag and as much as I wanted the baby to be born today, I'm fine with him/her coming when it's time.

I'm really glad I decided against drinking it last night because Lincoln had a rough night teething and we were up with him several times and Jeremy has also not been feeling so good and is home from work today. So, it really would not have been a good night for labor to start. Ethan has been complaining of a tummy ache off and on all day as well. Thankfully neither of them seem to have the bad stomach flu that is going around right now - but both are still not feeling great. I've been praying for weeks for no sickness in our home as I'm getting so close to delivering and the Holiday's. We've even stayed home from church the past few weeks for that reason. I would so appreciate your prayers and that Jeremy is feeling much better by time we have to head to the hospital and also that Ethan feels better and everyone else stays healthy. I want things to go as smoothly as possible when I'm in the hospital...for my mom and my own piece of mind. It's always hard being away from the other kids when I go in to deliver and it would only make it that much harder for me if they weren't feeling well. So thanks for your prayers!

I see my midwife tomorrow and we will talk about a game plan on where we go from here. I will also be having a non stress test done tomorrow on baby - it's the standard procedure now that my due date has come and gone. I am feeling like we will probably end up inducing unless something happens here soon and I feel at peace with that if that should be the case. My midwife induces with a natural gel so it's very different then being induced with pitocin (yuk!). I was induced with Lincoln and things went smoothly.

I'll be sure and post again tomorrow after my appt with an update.

Much Love,
Momma Keri

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