May 9, 2012


Jeremy called me earlier in the day today with some sad news. His Grandma Rena went to be with Jesus today. Of course, rejoicing that she knew the Lord and that she will spend eternity in heaven, but sad here on earth, that she is no longer with us.

I wrote a bit about her on my facebook, but wanted to share a few things here too.

The first Christmas I was officially a "Harrison", I remember going to her house, in Royal Oak. As I was observing and walking around the house, I glanced and saw this beautiful photo of a young girl, I would say in her 20's. I was absolutely taken back at how beautiful this girl was. I went over to Jeremy's grandmother and asked who was this picture of. She chuckled and said, "Oh, that's me."

I immediately said,"You were one hot babe!!" She got the biggest kick out of that, and since then, that is what I would call her!

I've always loved his Grandma Rena and thought she was such a fun, spunky Grandma. Her face would light up anytime she saw any of our babies, or any of her grand babies or great grand babies for that matter. I loved hearing her stories and she had a great laugh.

I loved that she would send notes in the mail to us, randomly, just saying how much she loved us, that she was proud of us and that we were treasures to her. It warms my heart, and now I'm determined to find those sweet notes, I'm sure I tucked them away somewhere.

I will always laugh when I think of her saying, "Oh crap." I always told her I got a kick out of her saying just sounded so funny coming from a Grandma.

Here is a photo of her and I from a few years ago at Christmas. She would always ask why would I want a photo of me and an old lady? I always found that to be funny...because she obviously didn't know how grateful I was for her.

When she was in her early 20's and had 4 young boys, she became a widow. I can only imagine how difficult that would be. I feel so grateful to her...that she went on to raise 4 little boys. Without her, my husband and children wouldn't be here. Wow, amazing to think about. My heart is full of gratitude for her life. She brought so much joy and laughter and really was a gem. I'll miss her.

Grandparents are so special. They leave a legacy of love and imprints on our lives. They have so much wisdom and so many great stories if you take the time to sit and listen. I loved hearing her stories.

Just a couple months back, Jeremy lost his aunt Mariane. Rena was very close to her and it was hard to lose her. As we were at the funeral, I was chatting with Grandma and she said to me, "It won't be long before I join her." How true those words came to be. I'm sure there has been a joyous reunion between those two, I can picture it.

I am forever grateful to her for the legacy she left, and for the beautiful family she gave us. We will miss you Grandma, enjoy heaven until we meet again one day :)

I will leave you with a sweet photo I took of our Lincoln Log today. He turned 8 months on Monday. Oh so sweet. What a joy he is.

Much love,

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