Apr 23, 2012

It's Spring time :)

My faithful followers....hello :)

Hopefully by now you don't have high expectations when it comes to frequent blog posts. I think those days are forever gone, being a busy momma and wife. I do enjoy being able to keep family and friends updated on the latest Harrison Happenings though, so let's see what I can catch you up on. I feel like a lot has happened since I last posted.

Sadly, Jeremy's wonderful aunt, Mariane, passed away on March 1st. Bob and Mariane hosted Bible Study at their home for many many years. I had many great memories talking with her and she always had such a sweet spirit. Always welcoming you into her home, feeding you and just thinking of others. The last time I saw her was at her oldest grandchild's high school graduation...and we chatted for a bit and she started to cry as she spoke of Tyler and remembering when he was born. She really loved her family and it showed. She had been suffering for the past year or so quite a bit with her breathing....and a hospital visit turned into her going to be with Jesus a few weeks later. We will miss her very much, but take comfort in knowing she is with Jesus and is in no pain and that we will see her again one day.

On a joyous note, the kids are doing wonderful. I constantly reflect on God's goodness in my life, blessing me with these 3 precious children who I adore and fill my life with so much love, joy, happiness, the list goes on and on! They are all so special in their own way and I just love our little family. Jeremy and I feel very blessed!

Ethan is getting so grown up. His mind is like a sponge it seems these days as he is just learning so much and remembering everything he hears. He's a bright kid and loves life. It's so fun to watch him grow. We signed him up for soccer last month and he's already had a couple games. It's cute to see him in his little jersey and have absolutely no clue what he's supposed to be doing ;) He loves the outdoors and anything involving a ball so I'm sure this is the start of a long adventure in sports with our boy.

Gracelyn is going on 3 this June - wow! She has grown up the quickest to us, I'm not sure why. It's probably because she's been very independent from a very young age (the girl was walking at 8 months!) so she just seemed to grow up on us so quickly. She is so full of spunk and joy - she really lights up our lives! She's pretty much Ethan's shadow (or is Ethan her shadow? ;))....the bond they share is truly special, they love being together and are the best of friends. So many people made comments to us when we got pregnant with her...that we were crazy...(and the comments of course came with Lincoln as well) but I wouldn't trade our children being so close in age for the world! We always knew we wanted our children close in age, so they could really be siblings and friends and God has blessed us with our desire! The joy those two bring me is indescribable...two peas in a pod. I'm sure Gracelyn will grow up to want to marry her brother, just as I did :)

Lincoln is such a joy! He is so smiley and happy, we sure adore him. He's 7 months now and rolling all over the place and loves to watch his big siblings and dream about the day he can join in on all the fun they have together! Until then, he watches from his high chair and patiently waits to run along side them :) He's a very sweet and mellow baby...and starting to get shy when strangers talk to him. It's really cute. I was at church yesterday holding him and people would start talking to him and he would just turn his head and put it into my chest....like hey, I don't know you but thanks for thinking I'm cute! :) His eczema looks much better...but it still bothers him in the night when he's sleeping and he wakes up every few hours uncomfortable. Many nights he ends up in bed with us because it's the only way he can get comfortable some nights. Not so comfortable for mom but I cherish the snuggly moments with him so I'm not complaining :) We pray over him and that he outgrows it and doesn't itch for years to come.

Another exciting note is Jeremy and I got the kids a swing set! It's something we've wanted to do for awhile. The kids absolutely LOVE their swing set and I love seeing them so happy and having so much fun on it. It is totally worth every penny, lots of memories over the years to come playing outside with them I'm sure :)

Photography is going well and has picked up again now that the snow is gone :) I am keeping busy with it and enjoy capturing these sweet moments for families. The first wedding that I shot back in October was published in a local magazine this past month - pretty exciting! It's a Detroit magazine but is sold at Border's, the airport and many other well-known places. It was a really cool accomplishment for me and totally unexpected.

Here's a sweet pic of a little boy I photographed this past month...I had done his mom's maternity photos just a couple weeks earlier.

Meet baby Weston :)

And here's my favorite of the family of three.

New life.....what a blessing from God!

My Scentsy business has been busy as well and I've been enjoying it. If you don't have their products, you really should...you will get addicted like me :)

My dear cousin Angela and her husband Tommee welcomed their first little one, a baby girl who they named McKenlee Joy on Good Friday. What a special day to be born....a good Friday indeed :) They live in Grand Rapids and I went out to visit them last weekend and do some newborn pics of McKenlee as well. Here's a little sneak peek from their session.

I'm anxious to get editing the rest of their session! She's such a sweet little thing.

Well, I hope you all have a blessed week!

I'll leave you with a picture of Ethan and also one of our 3 blessings in their Easter outfits. Enjoy :)


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