Nov 4, 2011

Lincoln Love

I'm so in love with this little guy!

He is just the cutest! I love his little face. He resembles Jeremy and my mother in law a lot in that last photo. Lincoln definitely looks most like Jeremy and the 'Marks' side of the family out of our three babes. Ethan and Gracelyn favor the 'Petke' side more (my maiden name). I do see Lincoln looking like his brother and sister at times...but the first thing I said once I saw him was that he looked different than our other two. He still does to me....yet still looks like his brother and sister at times also. They are all so beautiful!

What a blessing it is to be a mom. A gift I am so thankful for.

Kids are doing good but have all been under the weather with colds this past week. They are on the mend though so I'm thankful!

3 photo sessions on the schedule this weekend :) Looking forward to it!

Here's a few from a session I did for some very good friends last weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!

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