Aug 31, 2011

Lincoln Update...

Here's a quick update on little man.

I had my appt this morning with my midwife and decided to let her check me. I'm dilated to 1. I'm measuring right at 40 weeks and baby is good and momma is doing good.

I had her take a guess at how big she thinks he will be and she said 7lbs, 12oz at the most. She could tell there's still lots of space in my belly so she doesn't think real big, which didn't surprise me. I'm still sticking with 7lbs, 6oz or very close.

If no baby by Tuesday morning I will go to hospital for a non stress test and ultrasound to monitor baby. She then said at that point or anytime on she can induce me if I want. I told her if I'm going to be there anyways then I'm fine with being induced at that point. She would start with gel (not pitocin) and I know I want my epidural so I would get that as soon as I could and then she would start a small dose of pitocin after that if needed.

I highly doubt I will make it until Tuesday but we'll have to wait and see. He had me up in the night for a couple hours with some pains but nothing consistent.

Next blog post will be that we are on our way to the hospital so stay tuned! :)

Nervous and Excited,

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