Mar 7, 2011

My first newborn session ♥

As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday I did my first newborn session. Baby Drew. What a sweet and adorable baby he is. He did so great for the photo shoot and I was pretty happy with the results of the photos. I came home and right away started finding the best ones, deleting the others and then editing all the keepers.

I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. The first one is my absolute favorite, although I have many. They are all so sweet!

All so precious.

In other news, our sweet pea is now the size of a lemon :) I'm 14 weeks today! I'm getting closer and closer to feeling this baby move and kick and I can't wait. I felt Ethan for the first time at 19 weeks and Gracelyn at 17. Maybe this one in another week or so? We'll see. It's one of my favorite things about pregnancy. It's just so amazing and I want to cherish every milestone.

I've been thinking about the baby we lost a lot lately. I was due in March. In just 20 days actually. It's hard to think about. It helps immensely that we have another little one on the way but I still dream and wonder about the little one we lost. It's such a feeling of loss. I wish that baby could have been a part of our family so badly. I know one day I will see my little one in heaven and it will be beautiful.

I hope you all have a blessed week. We are anxious and excited to hear what day we are closing this week -stay tuned :)

Much Love,
Momma Keri ♥


Claire said...

Oh Keri. I've been thinking of you this month. I'm so happy that you are getting close to feeling the movements of your precious bundle, but my heart also breaks with yours for the life you lost. You have a beautiful story of renewal, Keri. I'm so thankful that you share it with others in the light of your testimony to Christ.

Those pictures are beautiful! What a sweet little boy! You did a great job capturing him... I'm sure his parents will cherish those pictures for years!

Hannah said...

Wow, what an amazingly beautiful baby!! ;) And I'm sure I'd still be grieving that loss, even with the excitement of another one on the way. Hugs & prayers!

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Thank you both so much for being so sweet and for caring. I'm so grateful for God's love and peace...and that He's carried me through my loss. He's so faithful and He makes all things new! Love you both! ♥