Nov 30, 2010

I AM Chosen!

I am chosen by God! And so are you! Isn't that incredible?

Last night was Women's Ministry at church and it was terrific.I look forward to it each month so much because the night is always so anointed. It truly was a beautiful night.

Margie shared her heart with us last night and spoke on how we are CHOSEN by God. It is a much needed message for women today to hear. Many of us believe lies about ourselves that aren't true. Whether it's from things our parents have spoken over us, friends, a spouse, a mean kid from school when we were little. We have all believed lies about us that are simply not true. Not who God says we are.

We are loved. We are beautiful. We are not a mistake. We are not rejected. We are not uncared for. We are not unwanted. We are not abandoned. We are not used goods. We are CHOSEN. It's that simple.

God created us to be us. He didn't create us to be or look like our friend or to be like Jessica Simpson or anyone else - He wants us to love who we are because He created us and we are beautiful!

We watched a You Tube video that was written and sung by Christa Black. Both Natasha Bedingfield (Hillsong London) and Jordin Sparks (American Idol) both contacted Christa within a day of her song being released asking if they could record it for themselves. What a beautiful message she speaks through this song and what a beautiful testimony it is to share with the world. Turn up your speakers and have a listen. The name of the song is "God loves Ugly". It's almost 9 minutes - but, listen to the whole thing - it's powerful!

God doesn't make anything ugly and we are offending Him when we say or believe we are ugly. We are beautiful and we are lovely. He is the most creative designer and He created us to be just the way we are. I'm so grateful to Him for creating me.

He chose me ahead of time. And you too.

Margie (the speaker) also spoke on how God is on a relentless pursuit for our heart. I couldn't agree with her more. He never gives up on us. Even when we mess up and turn away from Him He continues to pursue us because He loves us and He wants to fill our lives with His goodness and love!

I will leave you with another song that I love. We sang it last night at church and it just blesses me so much. It talks about how God is with us during the hard times and how His love comes down and rescues us and sets us free. We all go through hard and painful times in our journey through life but what a blessing to know that God is always there to carry us through.

The song began and my eyes immediately filled with tears and my throat closed up as I listened to the lyrics. My heart hurts and aches for the little baby we lost. I think about him/her all the time. As much as my heart hurts - it was also filled with thankfulness to the Lord. I'm thankful for His love. I'm thankful for Him giving me peace. I'm thankful for all the many, many beautiful things God has blessed my life with. I remind myself of all that He's done and the life that I have because of His son...and wow - it's overwhelming. I am His. Forever.

I encourage you to turn off the lights and listen to this song when it's peaceful and quiet around you. Close your eyes and just soak up the lyrics and God's Love. It's beautiful.

God has taught me different things through my miscarriage. One thing relates very much to what we talked about at church last night and not believing lies that people say over us. Recently someone came up to me and asked how I was doing. It was the first time they've seen me since my miscarriage. I told them I was doing ok and they then said to me, "It just wasn't your time."

It was a lie the enemy wanted to speak over me and believe but I instantly recognized it as not God. It still hurt my heart to hear those words but God has taught me so much about grace through my miscarriage. I know this person loves me very much and meant well - it just came out wrong. I chose to not be bitter and angry and to know that this person loves me and didn't mean to hurt me. Many times when people are grieving - people simply don't know what to say. What means the most is when people don't say anything and just love on you and listen. Something my pastor's wife said last night was right on. "When grief is the freshest, words should be the fewest." Amen and amen. That is totally something God showed me through my miscarriage. Just love on people when they are hurting - don't feel like you need to say something or give some profound advice. That is not what they need.

God created my baby and He doesn't create life to then turn around and kill it. It's not who He is. We have to realize that bad things happen in life - it's part of life - but God is NOT to blame and just because something bad happens does NOT mean it's God's will. I feel this message needs to be preached...more like screamed immensely to Christians because I hear so many people say such backwards things about God - it hurts my heart.

Praying today over you all and that you know that you are CHOSEN by God and that you are NOT a mistake!

Forever His,

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Rebecca said...

Keri, you are such an awesome and inspiring individual! I love reading your blogs. Thank you!!