Aug 5, 2010

Lead Me

I don't want to be too personal here...just to protect someone I love...but I heard this song on the radio the other day and felt, "This is her heart's cry!" The lead singer of a Christian band (Sanctus Real)...he went through a hard time in his marriage (don't we all?) and they almost split up. They even had two beautiful little girls together. I found the video of him and his wife sharing their story and it touched me and burdened me so much for those I love that are going through marital problems.

God gives us so much grace. He doesn't look down on us like we sometimes do on our spouse and just see our flaws and weaknesses. He sees all the things He loves about us and as we seek Him in our lives He will work on us in our shortcomings.

When you get married you are choosing to love your spouse more than yourself. You compromise, you learn to be selfless, you put them first. It's not just about you anymore - there's someone else in your life to think about too. I believe God is in the miracle business and that no matter what you have been through in your marriage, He is more than capable of healing it and bringing restoration...but you have to want it.

I just want to encourage anyone that is going through a hard time in their marriage...think about all the reasons and things you love about your spouse...the reason they were the "one" for you and focus on those things. Don't point out all their flaws and weaknesses, we all have them and that will only draw you farther apart. God is big and He loves you so matter where you've been or what you've done He is there and wants to restore your marriage. Ask Him to help you love and honor your spouse in a way that is pleasing to Him. Pray together as a couple. Love each other. Choose each other and choose God....and stay close to Him.

First watch the video of their personal testimony and then watch the music video. It is so powerful and brought me to tears.

Praying for you so much know who you are...and you know why. Know that you are a precious daughter in His sight...that you have so many amazing qualities as a wife...that God sees your strengths, your qualities, your love for Him and your love for your husband. You have so much to give - continue to keep your eyes on Him. Love you so much.

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wow - so powerful